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About This Case Study

PETRONAS was facing the challenge of nurturing leaders who could handle the unpredictable business world.

With Disprz LXP, PETRONAS embarked on a journey to unearth exceptional talents within their workforce. Leveraging a distinctive algorithm, they evaluated attributes like curiosity and adaptability, essential for agile leadership. This allowed them to identify potential leaders and tailor individualized development paths. This approach evidently excels in shaping leaders poised to navigate the dynamic business terrain with confidence.

What people are saying

We wanted to take digital initiatives for better organizational learning and growth. So, we were looking for a partner to help us deliver training from a single source with the flexibility of access to the materials at any time with mobile learning. Partnering with Disprz for our learning drive has been the best decision, given its learning management platform not only fulfills our requirements but also offers alluring features like buzz, learning journeys, analytics, personalization, and more.
Sai Ko Ko Zaw
Learning & Development Coordinator, Hana Microfinance Limited
We onboarded Disprz as a learning platform 2 months ago, and the experience has been smooth. The platform enables easy integration with any learning provider, thereby allowing learners to seamlessly browse content and upgrade their knowledge. Kudos to Disprz team for their action orientation and quick resolution to any query
Isha Monga
Manager - HR, Go-MMT Group
At Jumbo, we wanted to empower our employees by democratizing learning. With Disprz’s model & exceptionally well-curated stock, and the brilliant analytics it enables, it was only natural to partner with them in our Digital Learning Journey. We are quiet confident that their new-age, multidimensional mobile learning will help us realize our goal of establishing a learning culture geared toward the digital natives at Jumbo!
Shishir Jha
CHRO, Jumbo Group
Disprz provided a one-stop solution to meet all the learning needs of employee onboarding, training, and development of both our frontline & knowledge workers. This helps us pivot quickly to meet the changing pace of upskilling & reskilling needs of our workforce to deliver a superior customer experience.
Priyanka Agrawal
Head of HR for central functions and Retail Learning, More Retail Private Limited
We are glad to partner with Disprz, which has enabled us to take our mobile learning application to the next level. Their app is advanced and has a range of features such as personalization, an intuitive visual interface, learning recommendations, etc. In the upcoming weeks and months, we eagerly look forward to harnessing the full range of exciting features and building a culture of continuous learning.
Vibhash Naik
Chief Human Resource Officer, HDFC Life
Our company focuses on building a culture of learning as it considers every employee a crucial asset and is committed to their personal & professional development. We partnered with Disprz to leverage their feature-rich centralized learning platform to improve our onboarding process, provide mobile-led training, create and push relevant content, explore ​​self-enrollable content, and more.
Sri Gowri
Human Resource Manager, Duopharma
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Employee learning & development at Paragon Technology & Innovation focuses on building soft skills like time management, leadership and a problem-solving mindset. We have partnered with Disprz as it's a user-friendly learning platform that helps track & monitor learner progress. It has helped us elevate our L&D ecosystem with access to diverse content relevant to us. We are eager to harness the complete range of features such as the SkillsArchitect & SkillBuilder in upcoming months.
Larolina Khoirunnisaa
Management Trainee Human Resources, Paragon Technology & Innovation