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Compliance training program
compliance training
4 min read
• 12 Jun 2024

Building a Compliance Training Program: Best Practices & Strategies 2024

Definition and Significance of Compliance Training In today's business ecosystem, compliance...
Compliance training LMS
compliance training
4 min read
• 12 Jun 2024

Compliance Training LMS - Benefits, Features & Trends

What is Compliance Training? Compliance training covers content mandated by policy, regulation, or...
Blended learning model
Blended learning
4 min read
• 07 Jun 2024

Blended Learning Models - Strategies & Best Practices

What is Blended Learning in Employee Training? Blended learning in employee training combines...
disprz b2b review
2 min read
• 06 Jun 2024

Disprz Earns Learning Management Systems Recognition from Top B2B Review Site

FinancesOnline Recognized Disprz LMS Disprz proudly received an acclaimed industry award for its...
AI-based learning management system 2024
6 min read
• 05 Jun 2024

AI-based Learning Management System 2024 - Complete Guide

What is an AI-based LMS platform? An artificial intelligence (AI) based eLearning platform...
everything about blended learning
Blended learning
4 min read
• 04 Jun 2024

Blended Learning: Definition, Types, Examples, Use-Cases 2024

Blended learningcan be an incredible experience for both learners and mentors alike, helping you...
Best Learning Management Software 2024
4 min read
• 30 May 2024

Top 10 Best Learning Management Software in 2024

A Learning Management System (LMS) is a software application or web-based platform used for...
blended learning vs hybrid learning
Blended learning
4 min read
• 30 May 2024

Blended Learning vs. Hybrid: Key Differences - Which is Best?

Introduction to Blended and Hybrid Learning Blended learning and hybrid learning are two distinct...
Adaptive Learning Platforms
3 min read
• 30 May 2024

How Adaptive Learning Platforms Revolutionize L&D

What is Adaptive Learning? Adaptive learning, also known as personalized learning, aims to enhance...
best SaaS LMS platform in 2024
3 min read
• 29 May 2024

How to choose the Best SaaS LMS Platform in 2024

A SaaS LMS (Software-as-a-Service Learning Management System) is a cloud-based platform accessed...
lms for healthcare - benefits & use-cases
4 min read
• 29 May 2024

LMS for Healthcare: Types, Benefits, Use-cases Ultimate Guide

Industries like SaaS and the gig economy are well-known for leveraging learning management systems...
employee training platform
4 min read
• 29 May 2024

Employee Training Platform 2024 An Ultimate Guide for L&D

In today's competitive landscape, fostering an efficient workforce requires proactive efforts from...
Skill assessments to help hire people effectively
enhance onboarding
4 min read
• 27 May 2024

How To Think About Assessments During Employee Onboarding

Effective onboarding is crucial for new hires to become productive employees, yet many...
Leveraging GenAI for Learning & Development Success in 2024
6 min read
• 06 May 2024

Leveraging GenAI for Learning & Development Success in 2024

The role of Learning and Development (L&D) has evolved from a mere departmental function to the...
All about Enterprise LMS Software 2024
LMS Learning Management Solution
6 min read
• 23 Apr 2024

Ultimate Guide for Enterprise Learning Management in 2024

Learning and Development (L&D) leaders confront a multifaceted challenge at the...
Cultivating D&I in today's workplace
leadership effectiveness
4 min read
• 17 Apr 2024

Essential Strategies for L&D Teams in Today’s Workplace by Cultivating Diversity and Inclusion

In today's rapidly changing business landscape, diversity and inclusion have become...
Managers Leading Talent Development - Empowering Growth Together
leadership effectiveness
4 min read
• 15 Apr 2024

Unlocking the Power of Managerial Engagement in Talent Development

In the ever-evolving realm of modern business, talent management stands as a critical...
Building tomorrow leaders pipeline today
leadership effectiveness
4 min read
• 09 Apr 2024

Nurturing Excellence in Building Leadership Pipelines

A leadership pipeline is a structured approach to developing and nurturing future...
employee experience for organizational growth
Employee Experience
4 min read
• 09 Apr 2024

Improving “Employee Experience” For Organizational Growth

In today's competitive business landscape, organizations are realizing the critical...
Effective Communication for Employee Satisfaction 2024
improve retention
4 min read
• 08 Apr 2024

Empowerment through Effective Communication for enhancing Employee Satisfaction & Retention

To promote a happy workplace and improve employee retention, effective communication...
Tips to Set Performance-Driven Culture at Workplace
corporate learning
4 min read
• 08 Apr 2024

Entrench a Performance-Driven Culture as your “Secret Sauce”

Creating a management culture that enhances overall performance has led to an...
Crucial Metrics to Gauge L&D Impact
LMS for onboarding Onboarding LMS
8 min read
• 04 Apr 2024

Benchmarking Success: Crucial Metrics to Gauge L&D Impact

The business sector has evolved over the years with different integral functions. But, one of the...
4 min read
• 04 Apr 2024

Learning Landscape in India: Trends and Priorities for L&D

The corporate learning and development (L&D) scene in India is evolving rapidly due to shifting...
4 min read
• 04 Apr 2024

Learning Landscape in the Middle East: Trends and Priorities for L&D

In a world propelled by artificial intelligence (AI) and automation, change is happening at an...
Skills Taxonomy
skills taxonomy
5 min read
• 28 Mar 2024

Skills Taxonomy: Leveraging a Skill-based Approach for Organizational Success

As per a Gartner survey, 53% of respondents stated that one of the biggest roadblocks to building a...
Learning Strategies
4 min read
• 22 Mar 2024

From Skills Gap to Action Plan: A Guide to Identifying & Addressing Workforce Needs

Work as we know it is changing. As leaders and employers look toward the future of work, we must...
4 min read
• 18 Mar 2024

Top 3 Reasons to Upgrade Your Legacy LMS in 2024

In the dynamic landscape of learning and development (L&D), staying ahead of the curve is...
Critical Upskilling Errors to Avoid in 2024
4 min read
• 18 Mar 2024

5 Common Upskilling Blunders That Could Derail Your Success

By now, most executives recognize that skills have become the new currency of work. Many talent...
future ready workforce
4 min read
• 07 Mar 2024

Embracing AI in L&D: Meeting Gen Z Workforce Demands

Artificial intelligence (AI) and AI tools have become focal points of discussion across various...
future ready workforce
4 min read
• 28 Feb 2024

Exploring the 4-Day Workweek Experiment: Shaping the Future of Work

The world of work is undergoing a profound transformation, mirroring the rapid changes unfolding...
Learning Objectives to Strengthen Your Team for Success
Learning Strategies
4 min read
• 26 Feb 2024

Use Learning Objectives to Strengthen Your Team for Success

For your employees to truly excel, setting clear learning objectives is paramount. This applies not...
L&D Expenses ROI calculator 2024
Training ROI
4 min read
• 23 Feb 2024

ROI Calculation: 6 Steps to Assess Your L&D Expenses

Organizations today are constantly challenged to adapt, innovate, and grow. Amidst these dynamic...
Feedback Every Frontline Organization Must Gather
frontline workforce
5 min read
• 21 Feb 2024

6 Types of Feedback Every Frontline Organization Must Gather

Welcome to the frontline, where every interaction matters and every employee plays a pivotal role...
Learning Strategies
5 min read
• 20 Feb 2024

Employee Voice: Why It Matters and Strategies to Maximize Impact

Corporate leaders are increasingly recognizing the significance of integrating the "voice of the...
Effective Learning Goals for Today’s Workforce
Learning Strategies
4 min read
• 16 Feb 2024

How to Develop Effective Learning Goals for Today’s Workforce

Goal setting and personal growth have long been integral to professional success. In today's...
Plan Your Learning Budget for 2024
learning budget
3 min read
• 15 Feb 2024

How to Plan Your Learning Budget for 2024?

The Learning and Development (L&D) function within organizations has undergone a remarkable...
LXP business case
4 min read
• 12 Feb 2024

Unlock Cost Savings: The Power of Skilling Technology

In today's fast-paced business environment, investing in employee learning and development (L&D)...
leadership effectiveness
3 min read
• 06 Feb 2024

Driving Continuous Learning: The Power of Effective Leadership

73% of HR leaders reported that their company's leaders and managers lack the necessary skills to...
Top Challenges in Talent Management for HR and L&D
Frontline Training frontline workforce frontline learning
4 min read
• 31 Jan 2024

Tackling 2024's Top Challenges in Talent Management for HR and L&D

Over time, talent management has been a challenge that organizations have wrestled with,...
Frontline Training frontline workforce frontline learning
4 min read
• 30 Jan 2024

Elevate Frontline Efficiency With A Comprehensive Platform

In any organization, frontline employees stand as the face of the company and the heartbeat of...
 Winning L&D Strategy For Your Organization
LXP business case
7 min read
• 24 Jan 2024

How to Craft a Winning L&D Strategy For Your Organization?

In the last decade, workplaces changed a lot because of intense competition, the digital...
craft a powerful business case for investment
LMS LXP business case
5 min read
• 23 Jan 2024

How to Build a Business Case to Buy Skilling Technology

Making the decision to invest in a new skilling technology holds significant weight for any...
enhanced employee productivity
LMS for onboarding Onboarding LMS
6 min read
• 14 Dec 2023

Employee Productivity: Strategies to Enhance it for Business Excellence

Consider a scenario in which a promising tech startup is navigating its way through the competitive...
personalized learning skilling challenges
6 min read
• 30 Nov 2023

Personalized Learning Strategies to Empower Workforce Success

For decades, organizations grappled with the limitations of conventional, one-size-fits-all...
Enhances On-the-job Learning
LMS on the job learning On-the-job training LXP
10 min read
• 24 Nov 2023

Discover How an AI-Powered LXP Enhances On-the-job Learning

In the past, employee training often resembled a one-size-fits-all approach. New hires and current...
frontline workforce
upskill frontline workers
4 min read
• 15 Nov 2023

How to Upskill Frontline Workers

Frontline workers serve as the cornerstone across industries, acting as the initial...
Learning and development
5 min read
• 03 Nov 2023

Top 5 Focus Areas for CHROs and L&D Leaders in 2024

As we step into 2024, the world of work is standing at a crucial crossroads, shaped by the "Great...
 Simplify the Employee Onboarding Process
LMS for onboarding Onboarding LMS
5 min read
• 02 Nov 2023

How to Simplify the Employee Onboarding Process

Imagine the initial experience of a new employee entering your organization. They eagerly open...
Boosting Employee Retention
4 min read
• 27 Oct 2023

Boosting Employee Retention: From Challenges to Strategies for a Winning Workforce

Attracting top talent is only half the battle. Retaining that talent is equally vital. While the...
1 min read
• 18 Oct 2023

Utilizing Product Diversification to go from $10m to $100m [Podcast with Ryan Stanley]

Download audio In the latest podcast hosted by Ryan Stanley, our visionary co-founder and...
4 min read
• 18 Oct 2023

Maximizing Employee Growth: Avoid These 5 On-The-Job Training Mistakes

A research report underscores that companies prioritizing employee training witness a notable 24%...
Everything about Learning Management System
LMS Learning Management Solution
9 min read
• 17 Oct 2023

Learning Management Systems (LMS): What Is It and How It Can Boost Your Business

The global Learning Management System (LMS) market exhibited remarkable growth, surging from a...
Disprz's Generative AI Product Roadmap
2 min read
• 06 Oct 2023

Disprz Generative AI Product Roadmap Webinar | How It Can Transform Learning and Development

Did you attend or miss the "Disprz's Generative AI Product Roadmap" webinar held on September 29th...
L&D with ROI
6 min read
• 06 Oct 2023

Maximize Learning & Development Budget With Optimised Learning ROI

Being an L&D professional is no easy feat, especially in today's era of evolving skilling trends...
 The Secret Sauce for Corporate Success
career mobility
5 min read
• 28 Sep 2023

Career Mobility: The Secret Sauce for Corporate Success?

In a world where 87% of executives report skill gaps or anticipate them in their workforce,...
5 min read
• 25 Sep 2023

Lean Team Success: How an AI-Driven, Unified Solution Can Drive Efficiency and Empower L&D Teams

Numerous mid-level businesses and startups operate with small teams under tight schedules,...
All about 70-20-10 Learning Models
70:20:10 model
5 min read
• 22 Sep 2023

70 20 10 Learning Model for Enhanced Learning and Development

Over the past few decades, the 70:20:10 learning model has gained significant attention from CLOs...
Empower Your Frontline Employees
frontline workforce
5 min read
• 18 Sep 2023

Empower Your Frontline Employees to Make Better Decisions

Eighty percent of the global workforce is comprised of frontline workers. The frontline workforce...
Elevating Learning: Why Employee Engagement Matters
7 min read
• 13 Sep 2023

Employee Engagement: Is Your L&D Program Missing the Main Ingredient?

According to Gallup, 36% of U.S. employees are engaged at work. However, internationally, just 20%...
Mastering Learning Analytics Best Practices & Strategies
Learning Strategies
9 min read
• 13 Sep 2023

Learning Analytics – What is it and How to Evaluate

According to Deloitte, 95% of surveyed learning and development organizations do not excel at...
Strategic Solutions to Overcoming Skill Gaps
upskilling reskilling
3 min read
• 13 Sep 2023

Upskilling and Reskilling: Strategic Solutions to Overcoming Skill Gaps

According to a World Economic Forum report, by 2025, more than half of the employees globally will...
Bridging the Skill Gap: Effective Strategies for Your Workforce
skills gap
5 min read
• 06 Sep 2023

Closing Skills Gap: Employer Strategies for Bridging Skills Divide

According to research, companies spend more than $800,000 annually looking for skilled employees...
Empower Your Frontline Workers with Effective Training Strategies
frontline workforce frontline workforce development frontline learning
5 min read
• 31 Aug 2023

8 Best Practices to Train Your Frontline Workers

There is a paradigm shift witnessed in the way businesses function. Conventional processes have...
Choose the Best Platform - LMS Vs LXP
Learning Platform LMS LXP
5 min read
• 28 Aug 2023

LXP vs LMS: Which Learning Platform to Choose?

According to a recent research report; the global Learning Experience Platform (LXP) Market in...
employee onboarding process
Learning Strategies Learning Platform Thought-Leading Insights Microlearning
9 min read
• 16 Aug 2023

The Ultimate Guide: Employee Onboarding Process

Disprz, an AI-powered enterprise learning & upskilling platform, is revolutionizing how...
learning agility importance & best practices
learning agility
13 min read
• 11 Aug 2023

Learning Agility – Everything you need to know

During the peak of the pandemic, companies around the world faced unprecedented situations and...
4 min read
• 07 Aug 2023

Disprz raises $30M for with the goal of expanding globally

We are beyond excited to announce that Disprz has secured Series C funding, raising $30 million...
What is upskilling
8 min read
• 24 Jul 2023

Upskilling Your Employees: Benefits, Challenges and Best Practices for Upskilling Success

Enhancing and expanding employee skill sets enables you to build workforce agility and...
What is corporate learning in 2024?
13 min read
• 24 Jul 2023

The Guide to Corporate Learning – Drive Employee Learning and Training

What is Corporate Learning? Corporate learning drives organizational evolution,...
Frontline Training Experience Overview
11 min read
• 24 Jul 2023

Frontline Training: A Strategic Approach to Engaging and Retaining Skilled Frontline Workers

Frontline training requirements are not being met despite the frontline workforce...
Retain Top Talent - 7 Tips for Success
Thought-Leading Insights frontline learning
5 min read
• 19 Jul 2023

How to Retain High-Potential Employees: 7 Effective Tips

At disprz, we leverage AI to transform enterprise learning and skill development, serving as...
Powerful Talent Retention Strategies 2024
5 min read
• 18 Jul 2023

8 Employee Retention Strategies to Keep Your Best Talent

In today’s competitive business landscape, organizations face a critical challenge: retaining top...
 Continuous Learning Culture 2024
4 min read
• 12 Jul 2023

How to Build a Continuous Learning Culture: 6 Essential Steps

With the economy making waves and the move to an evolving technology-driven market, developing a...
microlearning and development leaders
Microlearning Learning and development
3 min read
• 05 Jul 2023

What is Microlearning? A Guide for Learning and Development Leaders

Gartner’s research shows that with the predictive approach, employees apply only 37% of the new...
Skills Taxonomy Is Crucial for Your Business
5 min read
• 08 Jun 2023

Why a Skills Taxonomy Is Crucial for Your Business

Knowing exactly what skills your team holds can be a business superpower in the hands of the right...
capability building model for growth & development
Learning Strategies Thought-Leading Insights
5 min read
• 25 May 2023

Shift to a Capability Building Model to Foster Employee Growth and Development

Digital disruption and rising customer expectations have made capability building...
Explore the Spectrum of On-the-Job Training Methods
5 min read
• 23 May 2023

4 Effective On-the-Job Training Methods 2024

In today’s world, the flow of work is unrelenting for employees. They are constantly juggling...
Level Up Your Learning: Harnessing the Power of Gamification
3 min read
• 12 May 2023

6 Best Practices to Implement Gamification for Employee Learning

Despite the fact that 94% of employees are interested in career development, most L&D courses have...
LXP platform 2024
5 min read
• 10 May 2023

Learning Experience Platform 2024 - Guide for L&D Leaders

In the dynamic world of business, nurturing employee development is a necessity for organizational...
3 min read
• 05 May 2023

Explore the Top 7 Benefits of Microlearning

In today’s rapidly evolving work environment, maintaining a competitive edge and consistently...
employee learning with personalization
personalized learning
4 min read
• 28 Apr 2023

How to Build a Personalized Learning Plan for Employees: A Step-by-Step Guide

Employee learning and development have become critical to the success of any organization. It’s...
3 min read
• 21 Apr 2023

5 Benefits of Skill Mapping for Employee Development

Skill mapping will provide valuable insights to ongoing questions about necessary skills in...
effective learning strategies
Learning Strategies
5 min read
• 17 Apr 2023

5 Learning Strategies to Accelerate Employee Development  

Effective learning strategies play a significant role in providing upskilling, reskilling, and ...
Essential Leadership Skills for Today's Workforce
Learning Strategies
4 min read
• 29 Mar 2023

8 Key Leadership Skills to Drive Workforce Performance

Companies can only succeed and continue to thrive when they have quality leadership at all levels....
Cognitive learning theory benefits & strategies
Learning Strategies
7 min read
• 16 Mar 2023

Leverage Cognitive Learning Theory to Upskill Employees

There is a disconnect between employee learning and potential performance. This is clearly seen in...
4 min read
• 14 Mar 2023

Revolutionize Employee Upskilling: Strategies for Delivering Impactful Learning Experiences

A study by Gallup stated that 48% of American workers would switch to a new job if offered skills...
Embracing the Future With Reskilling
3 min read
• 10 Mar 2023

Will AI Take Over Jobs? Embracing the Future With Reskilling

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has taken the tech industry by the storm, with AI chatbots like...
4 min read
• 09 Mar 2023

7 Must-Have Features for Top LXP Solutions

As per a LinkedIn report on Workplace Learning, 92% of executives shared that there is a skill gap...
5 min read
• 02 Mar 2023

5 Ways To Improve the M-Learning Experience

Customer demands are changing at an exponential pace. It is no secret that a skilled frontline...
Digital Platforms’ Role In Employee Skill Development
1 min read
• 28 Feb 2023

The Digital Platforms’ Role In Employee Skill Development 

Skill development is a game changer that affects workplace productivity. The business world has...
Empower Your Team - Future-Proof Your Workforce
6 min read
• 17 Feb 2023

The Power of Employee Reskilling: Future-Proof Your Workforce

The Global Skill Report by Cousera stated by the middle of this decade, an estimated 85 million...
Why to switch from HCM to Learning Management Platform
Learning Strategies Learning Platform Thought-Leading Insights
5 min read
• 16 Feb 2023

Employee L&D – The Need for a Dedicated Employee Learning Platform

Jobs have become more and more specialized, with success being measured with expertise, not the...
Stay Ahead Emerging Trends in Corporate L&D
corporate learning LXP Learning & Development
4 min read
• 08 Feb 2023

5 Learning and Development Trends for 2024

Did you know that 88% of c-suite executives believe providing employees access to learning and...
Thought-Leading Insights Skill-based learning Learning Experience Platform
3 min read
• 07 Feb 2023

Skill-Based Learning Frameworks Outperforms Competency-Based Methods In The Modern Job Market

Competency frameworks date back to the 1970s wherein they helped businesses build robust talent...
Tips to boosting corporate learning development
Thought-Leading Insights corporate learning LXP
2 min read
• 02 Feb 2023

Corporate Learning and Development – 4 Strategies to Boost Employee Interest

Did you know that businesses with high employee engagement have 21% higher profitability & 17%...
Learning Platform GDPR
2 min read
• 01 Feb 2023

Disprz Achieves GDPR Compliance: Building Trust Via Data Privacy

As the world becomes increasingly digital, trust in handling personal data becomes paramount....
increase engagement rates and drive employee learning
Thought-Leading Insights Learning Delivery LXP
4 min read
• 24 Jan 2023

Innovate Employee Learning: 3 Strategies to Increase Learner Engagement Rates

Your L&D program’s success depends highly on learner engagement. In fact, 93% of employees state...
Learning and Development KPIs
Thought-Leading Insights L&D KPIs Training ROI LXP Learning & Development
3 min read
• 17 Jan 2023

How To Choose The Right Learning and Development KPIs To Evaluate ROI

A study proved that a 12-month workforce training program prioritizing the right skills produced a
Employee Training and Development Mistakes to Avoid in 2024
3 min read
• 12 Jan 2023

Employee Training and Development Mistakes to Avoid in 2024

Employees are the most valuable assets for any company. That’s why it is imperative to help them...
Learning Strategies videos
2 min read
• 04 Jan 2023

How to Measure Learner Engagement with Training Videos?

YouTube has more than 2.6 billion active users as of 2023, watching over one billion hours of...
1 min read
• 03 Jan 2023

How are organizations today prioritizing skilling for developing talent

The fear of impending recession has increased the pressure on entrepreneurs to boost business...
enterprise learning solution
2 min read
• 29 Dec 2022

How to Resolve Your Skilling Challenges with an Enterprise Learning Platform

Learning professionals around the world are realizing that they must stay ahead of the
Learning Strategies Thought-Leading Insights LXP
3 min read
• 27 Dec 2022

How Can Organizations Leverage Technology To Create The Right Skilled Workforce?

In today’s fast-paced, technology-driven world, having the right skilled workforce is crucial for...
Enhancing employee performance
learning in the flow of work on the job learning
3 min read
• 22 Dec 2022

Promote Learning in the Flow of Work to Improve Employee Performance

Many employees face a lack of learning opportunities to tackle performance challenges,...
Elevate Corporate Capability with Blended Learning
4 min read
• 20 Dec 2022

Elevate Corporate Capability with Blended Learning

In today’s fast-paced, ever-changing business environment, it has become critical for companies to...
Best Practices for Successful L&D Professionals to Follow
3 min read
• 14 Dec 2022

5 Asynchronous Learning Best Practices for Successful L&D Professionals to Follow

Asynchronous learning is a flexible L&D approach where employees can learn at their own pace....
Master Employee Training - Plan & Deliver Effectively
3 min read
• 09 Dec 2022

How to Plan and Deliver an Effective Training Program for Your Employees

An employee training program is not just a “nice-to-have” for companies. A strong, personalized ...
2 min read
• 06 Dec 2022

Enhance Employee Upskilling and Competency Building with an AI-Powered LXP

Employees with the right competencies and skill sets are key to a company’s success. Continuously...
Measure Employee Training Effectiveness and ROI
3 min read
• 30 Nov 2022

How To Measure Employee Training Effectiveness and ROI with Learning Analytics

Today’s competitive job market has made it more important than ever for companies to invest in...
Frontline Training Relevant For A Brand With Multiple Franchises
2 min read
• 29 Nov 2022

How To Make Frontline Training Relevant For A Brand With Multiple Franchises

Consistency plays a significant role when a brand has multiple franchises. Each franchise needs to...
internal mobility
3 min read
• 24 Nov 2022

Internal Mobility: 4 Effective Ways To Support it With Upskilling

With the surging attrition worldwide, providing internal mobility to employees has become the need...
1 min read
• 22 Nov 2022

Boost Employee Development By Training The Leaders

L&D leaders are a powerful force that can drive the workforce in a lucrative direction and help...
upskilling your workforce
4 min read
• 17 Nov 2022

Top Benefits of Upskilling Your Employees 

Business Insider forecasts a 55% chance of a recession in 2023. The economic damage triggered by...
Learning Strategies
2 min read
• 15 Nov 2022

How Gamification Can Drive Employee Engagement – 5 Simple Tips

Employee engagement is essential to the success of any business. Engaged employees are more...
Thought-Leading Insights
2 min read
• 15 Nov 2022

What Does a Good Training Video Look Like? 7 Examples

If you are a regular to this blog space, you might have noticed that we have been publishing a...
2023’s Learning Trends
Learning Strategies upskilling
16 min read
• 09 Nov 2022

Workplace Learning Guide: 2022’s Wrap-up And 2023’s Learning Trends

As per CNBC’s research, 94% of employees say that they would stay at a company longer if it simply...
assess the ROI of learning and development
1 min read
• 08 Nov 2022

How to Assess the ROI of Learning and Development Programs 

Workplace training is crucial to improve employee performance and drive business impact. Hence...
2 min read
• 01 Nov 2022

Disprz Awarded “Leaders” Badge for Corporate LMS in G2 Report 2022

Disprz, an intuitive learning platform, empowers users for continuous growth by consolidating...
• 01 Nov 2022

How to Establish a Learning Culture in a Startup Environment

Growing a startup is only possible with a skilled workforce. By upskilling the workforce, the...
• 27 Oct 2022

How leadership training can promote growth in the company  

L&D leaders play a significant role in establishing a culture of learning in the organization....
2 min read
• 20 Oct 2022

Jumbo Electronics: Digitalising Learning To Build A Skilled & Agile Workforce

The industry is dealing with a flood of new technology. Both knowledge and frontline workers need...
• 20 Oct 2022

Quiet Quitting: How to Retain Your Employees

Quiet-quitting is a significant challenge sneaking its way into workplaces! How can organizations...
Learning Strategies
5 min read
• 19 Oct 2022

Skill Gap Assessment – A Full-Proof Plan To Upskill Employees At Workplace

As per research by Deloitte, functional skills have a “half-life” of about five years, with...
• 17 Oct 2022

Tips From an L&D Expert To Personalize And Scale Learning 

As a company grows, It is crucial to make learning inclusive and accessible to all....
the power of two-blended learning
Learning Strategies
4 min read
• 12 Oct 2022

Synchronous vs Asynchronous Learning – What is the Difference?

Did you know that 93% of employees want easy-to-complete training, and 85% of...
1 min read
• 07 Oct 2022

Disprz won ‘Edtech startup of the year’ in the LMS category by Entrepreneur India Magazine

Disprz, a leading enterprise learning management system, was named as the finalist for...
Tips to boost employee retention
6 min read
• 28 Sep 2022

Asynchronous Learning – Your Guide to Amplify L&D and Drive Retention

The workforce today is demonstrating a strong desire for skill development. They...
• 20 Sep 2022

Make Employee Learning a Strategic Pillar For Engaging, Retaining, & Promoting Employees

Amidst the ongoing trends like “The Great Resignation” and “The Quite Quitting,” it is pivotal to...
Digital Flashcards -A Mobile Learning Tool
Learning Platform learning content
3 min read
• 19 Sep 2022

Leverage Digital Flashcards as an Effective Mobile Learning Tool for Employees

What is a flashcard? To put it simply, a flashcard is a card that has a cue or hint on...
microlearning for frontline workers
Microlearning frontline learning
3 min read
• 15 Sep 2022

Leverage Microlearning for Frontline Workers in the Retail Industry

Did you know that over 83% of shoppers believe they’re more knowledgeable than sales associates?...
Examples Of On-the-job training
5 min read
• 14 Sep 2022

5 Examples Of On-the-job training For L&D Professionals To Drive Better Results 

As per research, 68% of employees prefer to learn or train on the job. You abandoned the...
types of on the job training
6 min read
• 14 Sep 2022

5 Types Of On-the-job Training That Drive Better Results 

So, you abandoned the traditional training setup and hopped on the on-the-job training (OJT)...
2 min read
• 13 Sep 2022

What Are The Key Elements For Creating A Continuous Learning Environment? 

Keeping pace with the rapid change in corporate learning is an enormous challenge for L&D...
2 min read
• 09 Sep 2022

Disprz Achieves SOC 2 Type II Security & Compliance Certification

Solidifying our commitment to data security and protection! One of our key goals at Disprz is to...
boost engagement with bite sized learning
4 min read
• 05 Sep 2022

Microlearning: A Winning Strategy To Train Frontline Workers

From delivery associates to retail workers, frontline employees are a company’s greatest asset to...
first time manager skill development for effective leadership traits
7 min read
• 24 Aug 2022

Targeted On-The-Job Skill Development For First-Time Managers

Being a first-time manager can be pretty intimidating when managing a team. Several new managers...
OJT pitfalls
5 min read
• 17 Aug 2022

Guide to Avoid Top 6 OJT Mistakes in 2024 | Disprz

A research report underscores that companies prioritizing employee training witness a notable 24%...
5 min read
• 12 Aug 2022

Top 4 Virtual Onboarding Hurdles And Their Solution

Prior to the pandemic, there was often a stigma around employees working from home. However,...
Virtual onboarding challenges in 2024
5 min read
• 12 Aug 2022

Top 4 Virtual Onboarding Challenges in 2024 - How to Resolve Them?

Prior to the pandemic, there was often a stigma around employees working from home. However,...
4 min read
• 10 Aug 2022

Boost Your Frontline Workers Performance with Real-Time Learning

Frontline workers are the heart of many businesses. They constitute almost 80% of the global...
1 min read
• 04 Aug 2022

Disprz bags the ETHR Award For ‘Excellence in Learning Tech implementation’!

The Future Skills Awards aims to acknowledge learning & development professionals achieving...
cross-skilling benefits & best practices
4 min read
• 03 Aug 2022

Cross-Skilling – A Strategy To Make The Most Of Your Company’s Talent

The American workforce is quitting at an exponential pace. To add fuel to the fire, quiet quitting...
1 min read
• 02 Aug 2022

BusinessWorld Award Goes To Disprz For “Most likely to become Unicorn”

“The BW Unicorn Summit & Awards 2022 is a first-of-its-kind gathering on the global stage held at...
how Duopharma builds a continuous learning culture with Disprz
Continuous Learning Culture Learning and development upskilling
1 min read
• 01 Aug 2022

How Duopharma Builds a Continuous Learning Culture With Disprz

“For changes to be of any true value, they’ve got to be lasting and consistent.” – Tony Robbins ...
Boost Adoption of Frontline Training With Mobile Learning
3 min read
• 29 Jul 2022

How to Boost Adoption of Frontline Training With Mobile Learning

When it comes to frontline training, are you applying the same strategies you implement for...
4 min read
• 27 Jul 2022

5 Onboarding Myths That Your Company Needs To Know

“Onboarding is a one-time event ” – This is one of the most common onboarding myths...
Employee Onboarding Myths Vs Reality 2024
4 min read
• 27 Jul 2022

5 Employee Onboarding Myths VS Reality That Your Company Needs To Know

“Onboarding is a one-time event ” – This is one of the most common onboarding myths...
empower L&D professionals
3 min read
• 22 Jul 2022

How Upskilling L&D Professionals Boosts Employee Skill Development

As a senior L&D professional, you put in efforts to get the learning and development budget...
performance with real -time skilling
3 min read
• 20 Jul 2022

Identify and Bridge the Widening Skills gap for Knowledge Workers

Knowledge workers are an intangible asset of a business; however, without the right skill set,...
improve retention enhance onboarding U.S. companies
4 min read
• 15 Jul 2022

Provide an Effective Onboarding Experience to Improve Frontline Employee Retention

An effective onboarding experience can win loyalty and improve employee retention. However, if it...
Frontline Onboarding Tips
3 min read
• 13 Jul 2022

Frontline Onboarding Tips To Improve Worker Productivity

Proficient frontline workers are truly a rare gem; once frontline onboarding has taken place, you...
Guide to New Employee Onboarding
12 min read
• 06 Jul 2022

Guide to New Employee Onboarding: In-office, Virtual, And Hybrid Onboarding

After investing valuable resources and screening multiple resumes, a company finally hires a...
1 min read
• 29 Jun 2022

Go-MMT Amplifies It’s Technical Edge With Disprz’s Learning Solutions

Go-MMT, one of India’s leading online travel companies, aims to benefit from Disprz’s centralized...
4 min read
• 28 Jun 2022

How to Implement Skill Based Training for Your Employees

Skill based training for employees is rapidly becoming the preferred training method in successful...
Disprz grand celebration with customers
Interactive Learning Customer Success Malaysia Event Learning & Development
3 min read
• 24 Jun 2022

Disprz Celebrates Its Remarkable Four-Years Of Business Growth In Malaysia!

The entire Disprz team will treasure this magnificent experience of hosting a celebration of...
Hybrid Workplace Training
6 min read
• 22 Jun 2022

Top 7 Strategies to Improve Hybrid Workplace Training

Recent research indicates that Americans are not only embracing flexible work locations, but they...
OJT for frontline performance
Frontline Training OJT
4 min read
• 16 Jun 2022

Deliver On-the-job Training to Improve Frontline Performance

Frontline employees are the strong pillar of any business. Their performance plays a significant...
Best Practices to Implement Personalized Learning OJT
personalization On-the-job training
4 min read
• 14 Jun 2022

4 Best Practices to Implement Personalized Learning for On-the-Job Training

From Amazon’s personalized product list for enticing a prospective buyer to swipe the card to...
Learning Strategies Learning Platform
1 min read
• 02 Jun 2022

Paragon partners with disprz for skill development!

Skilled workers are a huge asset for businesses and they play a prominent role in a brand’s market...
Learning Strategies Learning Platform
2 min read
• 27 May 2022

Content repository isn’t enough for learning at scale!

The Covid-19 pandemic was a combination of general guidelines, infection fear, and uncertainty...
Online learning Traditional learning Blended learning
3 min read
• 25 May 2022

Make Employee L&D More Impactful with Blended Learning

Gone are the days when employees only work from a cubicle. Now employees are spread across...
Learning Strategies Thought-Leading Insights The Great Reshuffle
3 min read
• 18 May 2022

Amplify Your L&D Program to Increase Employee Retention

Our experiences shape our outlook, and the pandemic has not only left a mark on businesses but...
1 min read
• 17 May 2022

Here’s how we celebrated our customers in mumbai & 1.7 million more around the world!

Our AI-based learning and skilling platform has been growing from strength to strength (with over...
3 min read
• 11 May 2022

How to Make Your Digital Learning Initiatives Successful – 8 Best Practices from Our CEO

With the rise in hybrid working, digital learning has accelerated, leading to increased...
CEO Learning and development
2 min read
• 04 May 2022

What Role Do CEOs Play in Enterprise Learning And Development?

Most CEOs are interested in employees’ growth and skill development. However, very few invest time...
HDFC Life has chosen disprz’s end-to-end learning
Learning Strategies Learning Platform enterprise learning management Skilling Platform mobile learning facilities LMS learning content upskilling
1 min read
• 29 Apr 2022

HDFC life catapults it’s growth with disprz skilling platform

HDFC Life has chosen disprz’s end-to-end learning & skilling platform to power their workforce for...
tips - to - create - robust - content - strategies - for - l&d
5 min read
• 27 Apr 2022

How to Create a Content Strategy for Learning and Development

As a learning and development professional, strategizing, curating, and managing content might...
malaysian employees upskilling
Malaysian employees upskilling
5 min read
• 22 Apr 2022

91% of Malaysian employees are interested in upskilling opportunities – is your L&D prepared

Nine out of 10 Malaysian employees feel the need for upskilling and reskilling to...
digital skill gaps Indonesian manufacturing companies
4 min read
• 06 Apr 2022

Industry 4.0 – how Indonesian manufacturing companies can address the digital skill gaps 

Digitalisation is proliferating, with Indonesia moving towards Industry 4.0. Whether...
personalize learning to drive performance
different skill gaps unique learning needs
4 min read
• 23 Mar 2022

Same team different skill gaps – how to address unique learning needs

Whether Automobile, Logistics, IT, Retail, e-Commerce or FMCG, skill shortage is a...
overcoming healthcare L&D challenges
L&D gaps Healthcare
4 min read
• 16 Mar 2022

It is not performance gaps but maybe L&D gaps that healthcare need to fix first

Healthcare has always been a challenging industry, but the pressure has dramatically increased...
LMS Learning Management Solution
4 min read
• 10 Mar 2022

5 LMS misconceptions you shouldn’t fall for

With the rise of hybrid work, LMS has steadily grown in popularity, especially post covid. An LMS...
1 min read
• 09 Mar 2022

Pidilite gets on the skilling bandwagon with disprz 

disprz, a complete skilling suite, adds another feather to the cap by onboarding...
Southeast Asia Companies must take to shape skilling in 2022
4 min read
• 03 Mar 2022

4 Steps Southeast Asia Companies must take to shape skilling in 2022

Whether it’s Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia or Malaysia, employee skilling has been...
boost workplace learning in 2022
workplace learning
1 min read
• 23 Feb 2022

Key takeaways from an insightful report to boost workplace learning in 2022

The increase in demand for new skillsets post-pandemic is pushing the L&D teams to revisit the...
4 min read
• 16 Feb 2022

Microlearning or Macrolearning: How retailers can blend the two for skill acquisition harmony 

The retail industry saw a dramatic shift in the last two years. Whether embracing a...
Upskilling managers
6 min read
• 09 Feb 2022

Tips for Training Managers by Upskilling and Coaching

There are several blogs, podcasts, ebooks and videos on training and upskilling. But how...
Indian Oil Corporation Limited(IOCL)
1 min read
• 03 Feb 2022

Disprz marks yet another milestone by onboarding Indian Oil Corporation Limited(IOCL)

Disprz, a skilling suite, takes a leap ahead by onboarding IOCL, India’s largest...
1 min read
• 02 Feb 2022

Reskilling The Workforce – Key Takeaways From IBM’s Report

With the digital disruption and changing business landscape, reskilling is no more a trend but a...
L&D In Middle East Banks in 2022
Middle East Banks Learning and development
4 min read
• 27 Jan 2022

The Big Switch For L&D In Middle East Banks In 2022

With emphasis placed on digital economy development in various countries of the Middle East, there...
4 min read
• 21 Jan 2022

Foster a Winning Hybrid Work Culture With a Few Tweaks In Your L&D Strategies

“Hybrid work culture” existed in the business world for many years; however, it’s COVID that made...
future ready workforce middle east
4 min read
• 11 Jan 2022

The next big focus for the Middle East – building a future – ready workforce

Like many countries, COVID-19 has left an indelible mark on the Middle East. Moreover,...
 questions to ask an LMS vendor
Learning Platform LMS startup
4 min read
• 05 Jan 2022

Ten Questions a Startup Must Ask the LMS Vendor

Investing in new technology can be a daunting experience for any company. With hundreds of LMS...
Learning Platform LMS startup
3 min read
• 05 Jan 2022

Eight Questions a Startup Must Ask the LMS Vendor

Investing capital in any new technology can be a daunting experience for a start-up. With hundreds...
key insights on employee experience
1 min read
• 28 Dec 2021

Key insights from Josh Bersin’s report on employee experience

Prioritizing employee growth has become crucial for thriving in the post-covid era. “...
reskilling is crucial for Malaysia and Singapore workforce future
4 min read
• 24 Dec 2021

Why reskilling is crucial for Malaysia and Singapore workforce future

Skills that helped Singapore and Malaysian companies capitalize on various opportunities in the...
Learning Strategies Learning Platform Thought-Leading Insights
3 min read
• 16 Dec 2021

Does Your Hospitality Training Program Build the Right Hard and Soft Skills?

According to Punket Research, the global restaurant industry generated approximately $2.2 trillion...
E-commerce LMS Help in Frontline Attrition Control
E-commerce LMS
4 min read
• 15 Dec 2021

E-commerce LMS: How can it help in controlling frontline attrition

E-commerce has suddenly captured a lot of attention. People who weren’t buying online earlier have...
skill development Great Resignation
3 min read
• 09 Dec 2021

How Skill Development Helps in Overcoming The Great Resignation?

A resignation mail isn’t a pleasant sight, especially when it comes from a proficient...
Learning Strategies
4 min read
• 30 Nov 2021

Importance of transforming Manufacturing Workforce Training

Skill shortage in the manufacturing industry can lead to disastrous outcomes. There is...
2 min read
• 25 Nov 2021

Disprz bagged $13 million in a Series B round of funding

It is rightly said, hard work never goes unnoticed. Our unwavering determination...
5 min read
• 03 Nov 2021

Stuck between LXP & LMS? The answer is here

For the last few decades, LMS has ruled the learning and development realm. Most businesses have...
How To Align Frontline With Business-Led Outcomes Using Analytics
Analytics frontline
4 min read
• 21 Oct 2021

How To Align Frontline With Business-Led Outcomes Using Analytics

Whether it’s your inventory or revenue, you rely on analytics to gauge the health of your...
Learning Strategies
1 min read
• 14 Oct 2021

Key Insights From The Report – Adaptive Learning Organization

The pandemic and digital acceleration have forced businesses to move out of their comfort zone and...
Tips to create learning culture for bank employees
bank upskilling knowledge workers
4 min read
• 29 Sep 2021

How to create a culture of learning for the bank’s knowledge workers

The banking industry seems on a roller coaster ride post-COVID. The sluggish economy...
enterprise learning solution
3 min read
• 01 Sep 2021

5 Skilling Problems You Can Solve With An Enterprise Learning Platform

Are you fed up seeing graphs displaying poor employee performance? Well, the obsolete learning...
learning agillity knowledge workforce frontline workforce agile learning
4 min read
• 24 Aug 2021

Learning Agility: How to drive your employees to the right skill

No company, regardless of its size or experience, is immune to crisis or market turbulence. Even...
1 min read
• 17 Aug 2021

Focus On Today’s Skills Tomorrow Jobs | McKinsey Podcast

The world of work is changing at a fast pace. Upskilling and reskilling have become...
Learning Experience Platform Insurance industry LXP
3 min read
• 10 Aug 2021

How Insurance Industry Can Benefit From LXP

Insurance is a complex market, it is like playing roulette in Las Vegas you never know what might...
Upskill Your Frontline Team with Mobile Learning
mobile learning frontline team
3 min read
• 03 Aug 2021

5 Benefits of Using Mobile Learning to Upskill Your Frontline Workforce

Frontline workers are the face of a company. If they deliver the wrong product...
Learning Experience Platform upskilling LXP
3 min read
• 27 Jul 2021

LXP Platform: Experience a Smarter Approach to Learning and Upskilling

The world of work is constantly evolving, and to keep up, you need to ensure your employees stay...
1 min read
• 20 Jul 2021

3 Key insights from upskilling for shared prosperity report

Upskilling has drastically evolved from being a choice to a necessity. It is currently the need of...
• 13 Jul 2021

Panel discussion | Re-skilling at scale: Challenges in digitalizing L&D

Panel discussion at ETHR
3 min read
• 29 Jun 2021

4 Retail Skills Your Frontline Staff Needs for Success

Whether it be a sale or just introducing a new product, the frontline staff in...
3 min read
• 29 Jun 2021

6 Retail Sales Skills your frontline staff need to have

Whether it be a sale or just introducing a new product, the frontline staff in retail are the...
• 23 Jun 2021

Panel discussion | Driving customer experience revolution with frontline skilling

Panel discussion at ETHR
store - manager - skills - for - successful - retail - management
retail mangement
5 min read
• 22 Jun 2021

Achieve Effective Retail Management Through Manager Upskilling

The retail industry has undergone massive change in the last few years. The rise in online...
podcast enterprise learning
6 min read
• 18 Jun 2021

Kuljit Chadha | AI-powered right skilling suite that supports enterprise learning

The future of enterprise learning is evolving at a very fast pace. AI-powered learning and...
tips - to - find - knowledge - gaps - at - workplace
skill gaps
6 min read
• 11 Jun 2021

Identify and Address Knowledge Gaps in your Organization

As businesses rapidly embrace new models and strategies to include updated technology and changing...
upselling upselling in retail
5 min read
• 04 Jun 2021

Upselling in Retail: How to do it successfully

If you are an aspiring retailer or already in the business of retail selling, you would be aware...
Thought-Leading Insights performance oriented
4 min read
• 29 May 2021

Enhance Your Retail Training Program to Boost Employee Performance

The retail industry has experienced exponential growth in the last few years. In fact,...
Learning Strategies videos
• 25 May 2021

How to win in the 2021 workplace with LearnTech: TechHR SEA 2021

Why is continuous skilling important for continuous business growth? what are the best...
Thought-Leading Insights Business and UX Story podcast Making Indian Product Global
19 min read
• 10 May 2021

Making Indian Product Global [Podcast with Onething Design]

Devanshu: Hey, guys, my name is Devanshu; I am a co-founder at Onething Design. Onething...
Learning Strategies Learning Platform frontline learning
2 min read
• 03 May 2021

Chat to interact: Chat as an effective tool for frontline employee learning

Frontline teams are an important part of any business. They not only represent the company to its...
Microlearning frontline learning
3 min read
• 12 Apr 2021

Microlearning in retail: How two retail organizations successfully employed microlearning for their frontline teams

Over 83% of shoppers believe they’re more knowledgeable than sales associates. How can the...
Thought-Leading Insights
5 min read
• 01 Apr 2020

Covid-19: How businesses should handle the coronavirus pandemic?

Bending the Curve: Question of survival! The city that gave the word quarantine is in an...
Decoding Learner Personas: Tailor Your Training to Fit
Learning Strategies Thought-Leading Insights learning content
5 min read
• 06 Mar 2020

Understanding Learner Personas and Archetypes for Human-centric Learning & Development

The concept of an archetype was introduced by the famous psychiatrist Carl Jung in the early...
Learning Strategies Thought-Leading Insights
5 min read
• 18 Feb 2020

Why Companies Should Nurture a Learning Culture to Improve their Top and Bottom Line!

Businesses are driven by a multitude of factors – they have a mission. Some businesses want to...
learning content videos
4 min read
• 31 Jan 2020

5 Smart Tips to Script and Storyboard Training Videos

How often do we switch the news channel because we didn’t find the news ‘interesting enough’? How...
design a gamified training system
Learning Strategies frontline learning
5 min read
• 03 Jan 2020

How to design a gamified training system for the construction industry?

BearBuild Industries hires 50 campus recruits from the current class. After four days of onboarding
Learning Platform Thought-Leading Insights frontline learning
4 min read
• 27 Dec 2019

How L&D Can Help the Hospitality Industry Tackle Attrition

Stacey has been going to The Cream Place, a cozy restaurant in her neighborhood for a while. The...
Learning Strategies Learning Platform Thought-Leading Insights learning content
4 min read
• 25 Dec 2019

Deploying effective learning solutions to avoid cybercrimes in banking

This was valued at $2.7 billion in 2018, up from $1.7 billion in 2017. It now covers every firm in...
Learning Platform Thought-Leading Insights
6 min read
• 11 Dec 2019

Towards Plastic-free F&B industry: How learning & development can enable restaurants join the crusade against plastic

Over the last few decades, plastics have become almost indispensable to our daily lives. But this...
Microlearning learning content frontline learning
5 min read
• 03 Dec 2019

Creating Engaging Training Content for Food and Beverage Employees

The food and beverage (F&B) industry is the biggest pillar of the hospitality sector. According to...
Learning Strategies videos
2 min read
• 29 Nov 2019

How to measure learner engagement with training videos?

It’s Sunday, and you have some leisure time, so you decide to bake a red velvet cake. There is a...
Social learning is the future of corporate training
Learning Strategies Thought-Leading Insights learning content
3 min read
• 22 Nov 2019

Why Social Learning is Important for Corporate Training

Social Learning in the Digital Age! On a leisurely Saturday morning, you open Facebook and find...
Learning Strategies Thought-Leading Insights
3 min read
• 04 Nov 2019

Why competency mapping is important for your company

In my time at McKinsey, one of the associate partners once said, “Our client may have the...
Learning Strategies learning content videos
4 min read
• 03 Oct 2019

Video-based learning: How to create the best video content to amplify learning

“We watch the shows, we watch the stars On videos for hours and hours“ — Radio Gaga, Queen, from...
Learning Strategies Learning Platform Thought-Leading Insights learning content frontline learning
5 min read
• 18 Sep 2019

Can better employee training help OSHA build a zero accident construction industry? Yes, we can.

“Bob The Builder, Can we fix it? Bob The Builder, Yes we can” — I felt inspired everytime that...
Train your workforce in construction industry
Learning Strategies Thought-Leading Insights frontline learning
6 min read
• 13 Aug 2019

How to train and develop your workforce in the construction industry?

Alford Korzybski famously said, “A map is not the territory it represents.” There is...
learning content videos frontline learning
5 min read
• 11 Aug 2019

How to create safety training videos for the construction industry?

Andrew joins as an operations intern in a construction company. Before starting, he browses the...
Tips to determine best content for your learners in 2024
learning content
5 min read
• 09 Aug 2019

Determine which Learning Content Suits Your Audience

Consider this: You are conversing with Max on the phone. He asks you to describe your office...
learning content
5 min read
• 09 Aug 2019

How to Determine Which Content Suits Your Audience?

Max and You! Consider this: You are conversing with Max on the phone. He asks you to describe...
Learning Strategies Thought-Leading Insights
4 min read
• 21 May 2019

The death of the ‘manager’ — Why companies just need mentors & coaches in the millennial era

Roland Barthes, the French philosopher, once wrote a groundbreaking essay called ‘The Death of the...
Learning Platform frontline learning
7 min read
• 22 Feb 2019

Running franchise operations? You needed a mobile training platform yesterday!

If you have a Franchise dream, training is your Stairway to Heaven. Simple, but profound. And yet,...
best corporate training video content
learning content videos
6 min read
• 01 Nov 2018

7 best practices to create corporate training video content

Do you know which is the second largest search engine after Google in today’s times? You will be...
Face to Face with Larry Ellison 2024
Thought-Leading Insights
9 min read
• 29 Oct 2018

A Face-to-Face with Larry Ellison – Things I learned

The view was spectacular – the Golden Gate Bridge gleamed on the left and was about to make its...
Microlearning learning content
3 min read
• 31 Aug 2018

9 tips to create engaging microlearning content

What is M icrolearning ? At the risk of stating the obvious, microlearning is a brief and...

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