For the last few decades, LMS has ruled the learning and development realm. Most businesses have sung praises of a Learning Management System. Does the reign of an LMS come to an end with the rise of the Learning Experience Platform (LXP) in the modern business world? However, LXP entered the learning and development space a few years back. So, is it a reliable learning solution for your business? 

Investing in a tool is a big decision for any organisation. So should you go with the adage “old is gold” and stick to an LMS or move ahead with time and explore an advanced solution like LXP? 

Well, Let’s make your work a little easier. An accurate comparison of the two will help you make an informed decision. 

LMS VS LXP – Clearing the air 

Let’s take a closer look at these individual learning solutions and explore their capabilities. 

What is an LMS(Learning Management System)? 

As the names suggest, you can create, manage and organize learning materials inside an learning management system LMS. The admins are driving the learning here. Typically, a learning path is laid out by the administrator. The learners follow, complete each milestone and take assessments. The administrator tracks the learners’ progress and the effectiveness of their learning materials. The learners are then given certificates based on their performance. 

Key Highlights of LMS:

  • Has an admin interface to build and streamline learning materials
  • It is data-centric
  • Single platform to manage all learning courses
  • Seamlessly drives mandatory courses 
  • Measures learning outcomes
  • Provides extensive certification options  

Pretty straightforward. Isn’t it? A great tool when you want the learners to follow the path you’ve decided for them. 

But will that capture the learners’ interest? 

Will they willingly complete the courses you’ve designed for them? 

Is this one-size-fits-all approach effective? 

Well, each employee is different with unique skill gaps. 

LXP is a learning solution that adapts to each individual’s unique needs.


Well for that we need to know:

What is an LXP(Learning Experience platform)?

A Learning Experience Platform is a learner-centric tool. Employees can conveniently advance their personal development in the ways that work best for them. They can easily develop vital business skills at their own pace. Learning is personalized to each individual’s goals. 

They can track their proficiency level and identify the skills they are missing. Not only that, it even brings managers into the flow of learning. Managers can easily monitor the employee learning journey and step in to provide real-time feedback. So it’s a win-win situation for both. 

From onboarding to upskilling and reskilling the employees, an LXP fits best in every aspect to optimize learning and development.  

Key Highlights of LXP:

  • Powered with AI
  • Ensures actionable learning recommendations 
  • Caters individual needs through personalization 
  • Enables collaboration with peers through social learning 
  • Provides advanced analytics to improve learning and development
  • Deep skilling to meet organization goals 
  • Gamification for higher engagement 
  • Role-based journeys 
  • Skill scoring for 360-degree assessments 

So how do you decide what’s best for your organization? 

Over the last few years, the focus has been shifted to an LXP due to its wide capabilities for providing continuous learning. Both LXP & LMS have their own strengths. 

LMS is ideal for compliance training

Compliance norms and regulations are constantly changing, so it is pivotal to have a standardized process to keep the employees updated. Compliance training might seem like a cumbersome task. However, you can easily manage it with an LMS. It is one of the best ways to ensure that everyone receives the same information in real-time. It unifies the learning experience. Moreover, an LMS provides visibility into the completion of the mandatory training

LXP is the best of both worlds – Push based plus self-paced training 

Wouldn’t it be great to invest in a solution that caters to all your learning management needs along with offering more features to take your learning to the next level? LXP is one such solution that supports both push-based and pull-based training. Moreover, it supports social, collaborative, and curation-based learning. 

Push-based learning is crucial for onboarding and compliance training. So, LXP allows the organization to conduct such formal training through classroom or live sessions. 

However, it is confined to it. LXP moves ahead and encourages self-directed learning that allows employees to learn in a way that’s instinctual and interesting. Whether an employee likes to learn through videos, audio, podcast, or blog, they can conveniently choose their preferred learning style and learn at their own pace. 

As per recent research conducted by disprz, completions for self-enrolled courses were 82% as compared to 34% for assigned courses 

Why is LXP a better fit in the modern work environment? 

Employees who interact with new-age apps like Netflix and Amazon would like to have the same personalized experience while learning. LXP is a perfect solution to modern learning needs.

Let’s explore the capabilities of this modern solution:

Assess current skill level and discover trending skills 

Upskilling and reskilling are crucial for building an agile workforce. However, for that, it is important to assess the current skill level and discover the trending skills. Assessment in LXP can help your employees in measuring their skill level and identifying their skill gaps. The learners can self-assess themselves. This allows them to arrive at a skill score based on which personalized recommendations are driven on the platform.

Moreover, disprz LXP allows you to determine and benchmark functional, leadership, and meta-skills for various roles. For instance, a customer service manager working in retail banking can get recommendations for multiple skills based on his job roles and responsibilities. 

Personalize learning with the power of AI 

Most companies invest in a learning solution but fail to get the returns on their investment. One of the core reasons is a lack of personalization

However, this wouldn’t be an issue if they used an LXP, as AI-based personalization is one of its key features.

Studies show that 77% of learning and development professionals believe that personalized learning is critical to employee engagement

LXP helps in creating a highly personalized learning journey. Moreover, its AI-based recommendation based on the learner’s interest and job roles helps them stay on the right path to reach their goals. 

Move beyond the silos approach with social learning

Open the door to collaboration through social learning. It is one of the most impactful strategies to bring all your employees on a single platform where they can brainstorm, share ideas, learn together, and develop innovative solutions that can benefit your business. 

For instance, if a specific cold calling strategy worked so the sales professional can instantly share with his teammates or maybe the interest rates of an FD have changed, so the manager can instantly put up on the common platform and inform everybody in real-time. 

Make learning engaging with gamification

Gamification enhances levels of employee engagement and optimizes learning. Through gamification in an LXP, you can have interactive sessions rather than boring lectures when only the facilitator is speaking. 

90% of employees feel more productive while using gamification 

Through quizzes, roulette wheels, and break-out rooms, you can make learning interesting for the employees. Moreover, leaderboards and badges help in striking healthy competition between employees. It can work as a motivational factor to go the extra mile and upskill for improving performance. 

Increase adoption with a mobile-first experience 

A mobile-friendly LXP can work wonders for your employee learning and development. Be it a frontline or knowledge worker, they can learn at any hour. 

Whether a knowledge worker has a coffee break or a frontline worker is travelling to meet a client, they can easily consume knowledge nuggets on the go.

Microlearning in a mobile LXP has helped embed learning in the flow of work. You can instantly update the workforce when a new product is launched, or a feature is upgraded. One leading pharmacy retail chain in India used microlearning to keep their staff up-to-date through bite-sized content on how to stock up medicines, prescribe the right drugs, etc. Click to read the full case study.  


LXP takes learning a step ahead of the conventional LMS. It adds personalization and makes learning fun for the employee. So, analyze your organizational needs and opt for a modern solution that your employee would love to use. disprz LXP is one such learning solution that is tailored for modern employees’ learning needs. From role-based benchmarking to AI-powered automation, it has all the necessary features needed to empower your employees. Request a demo to explore the wide capabilities of disprz LXP.