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5 min read
• 28 Aug 2023

LXP vs LMS: Which Learning Platform to Choose?

According to a recent research report; the global Learning Experience Platform (LXP) Market in...
employee onboarding process

The Ultimate Guide: Employee Onboarding Process

Disprz, an AI-powered enterprise learning & upskilling platform, is revolutionizing how...
Why to switch from HCM to Learning Management Platform

Employee L&D – The Need for a Dedicated Employee Learning Platform

Jobs have become more and more specialized, with success being measured with expertise, not the...
2 min read
• 01 Feb 2023

Disprz Achieves GDPR Compliance: Building Trust Via Data Privacy

As the world becomes increasingly digital, trust in handling personal data becomes paramount....
Importance of Digital Flashcards
3 min read
• 19 Sep 2022

Leverage Digital Flashcards as an Effective Mobile Learning Tool for Employees

What is a flashcard? To put it simply, a flashcard is a card that has a cue or hint on...
1 min read
• 02 Jun 2022

Paragon partners with disprz for skill development!

Skilled workers are a huge asset for businesses and they play a prominent role in a brand’s market...
2 min read
• 27 May 2022

Content repository isn’t enough for learning at scale!

The Covid-19 pandemic was a combination of general guidelines, infection fear, and uncertainty...
HDFC Life has chosen disprz’s end-to-end learning

HDFC life catapults it’s growth with disprz skilling platform

HDFC Life has chosen disprz’s end-to-end learning & skilling platform to power their workforce for...
 questions to ask an LMS vendor
4 min read
• 05 Jan 2022

Ten Questions a Startup Must Ask the LMS Vendor

Investing in new technology can be a daunting experience for any company. With hundreds of LMS...
3 min read
• 05 Jan 2022

Eight Questions a Startup Must Ask the LMS Vendor

Investing capital in any new technology can be a daunting experience for a start-up. With hundreds...

Does Your Hospitality Training Program Build the Right Hard and Soft Skills?

According to Punket Research, the global restaurant industry generated approximately $2.2 trillion...

Chat to interact: Chat as an effective tool for frontline employee learning

Frontline teams are an important part of any business. They not only represent the company to its...

How L&D Can Help the Hospitality Industry Tackle Attrition

Stacey has been going to The Cream Place, a cozy restaurant in her neighborhood for a while. The...

Deploying effective learning solutions to avoid cybercrimes in banking

This was valued at $2.7 billion in 2018, up from $1.7 billion in 2017. It now covers every firm in...
6 min read
• 11 Dec 2019

Towards Plastic-free F&B industry: How learning & development can enable restaurants join the crusade against plastic

Over the last few decades, plastics have become almost indispensable to our daily lives. But this...

Can better employee training help OSHA build a zero accident construction industry? Yes, we can.

“Bob The Builder, Can we fix it? Bob The Builder, Yes we can” — I felt inspired everytime that...
7 min read
• 22 Feb 2019

Running franchise operations? You needed a mobile training platform yesterday!

If you have a Franchise dream, training is your Stairway to Heaven. Simple, but profound. And yet,...

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