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“Hybrid work culture” existed in the business world for many years; however, it’s COVID that made it popular. 

Several companies were forced to adopt this culture. A few companies that didn’t switch to a hybrid model faced the heat of “The Great Resignation”. 

Would you like to work from home or from the office?

There were several polls last year on LinkedIn focusing on this single question, and most employees preferred remote working. However, that’s not feasible for employers as it’s an arduous task to manage a completely remote workforce. Moreover, it’s even challenging to incorporate new ideas and achieve desired outcomes with a widely dispersed team. Hence most companies opted for the “HYBRID WORK MODEL to stay aligned with the business goals and keep the employees happy. 

As per research, 48% of employees expressed a desire to be fully remote and 44% of employees favoured hybrid working arrangements. 

Among employers, only 51% support the hybrid work model. 

The hybrid work model is the new normal. Employers need to adapt to this new normal and rethink their learning and development trends to ensure utmost productivity in the hybrid work culture.

A new year needs new strategies: Restartegise your learning and development in 2022

hybrid work culture

A hybrid work culture offers flexibility but even poses many challenges for the L&D team. Moreover, businesses too revamp their goals with the new year. So, the L&D team needs to upgrade the L&D strategies and align them with the business goals to ensure employees are up to speed to meet the new expectations. 

Here are a few learning and development approaches you can take in 2022 to offer effective learning experiences in a hybrid work culture. 

Add a pinch of gamification to engage employees

Capturing the employee’s attention during face-to-face training isn’t an easy task. It becomes even more difficult when you tap into virtual learning and development. The old-school L&D approach doesn’t fit right in the modern hybrid work culture. Gamification is a great learning trend of 2022 that can help in making your learning session more engaging. 

Gamified learning has the potential to hold learners’ attention for a longer time due to its game-like structure. For instance, Gameinar in a skilling suite like Disprz offers roulette wheel and quizzes to conduct interactive learning sessions for a distributed workforce. In fact, you can take feedback on the sessions through sticky notes to understand the gaps and make the L&D session more effective. 

Through a leaderboard, you can strike healthy competition between teammates. Employees are motivated to learn more and perform better when they know that their hard work will be appreciated through badges for others to see. 

Check out  Disprz Gameinar to find out how it can make your learning sessions more lively. 

Embrace automation to provide a personalized learning experience

With the hybrid model stepping in, it is pivotal to move away from the antiquated learning model and embrace personalisation. While trying to adapt to the new hybrid work culture, employees are facing many challenges. Personalisation is a great learning strategy of 2022 to address unique learning needs and fill individual performance gaps. 

Studies show that 77% of learning and development professionals believe that personalized learning is critical to employee engagement

With the help of automation, you provide personalized learning journeys to the employees working in hybrid work culture. Most of the best LXP(Learning Experience Platform) provides personalised recommendations based on an employee’s designation, interest and past learning behavior. 

To know more about LXP and how it can drive personalised learning, read the blog – “LXP: A Smarter Approach To Learning And Upskilling” 

Boost collaborative productivity through social learning

“Social learning” is another great learning strategy of 2022 for corporate learning and development. 

As per a survey,  73% of surveyed organizations expect to increase their focus on social learning over the next year.

Collaboration helps in knowledge sharing, especially when employees work remotely for half a week. Employees have first-hand experiences in challenging situations. So, they can share the strategies that worked with other teammates. Disprz LMS offers a social platform called Buzz to collaborate. Employees can share useful resources, and even the L&D team can share updates about new products and procedures to keep everyone updated. 

Develop a culture of reward and recognition 

Reward and recognition are the core elements of learning and development, especially in hybrid work culture. It is a great strategy that you must consider implementing in 2022 if you would like to increase the course adoption rate. 

After investing your valuable time and resources in building effective courses, you would want the employees to leverage it for their growth. Reward and recognition improve engagement. 

58% of employees say employee recognition is how leaders could do more to improve employee engagement.

You can appreciate employees learning by sending a note in a flash email or highlighting successful outcomes in a newsletter(Example: booked more appointments by investing time in learning how to follow-up with prospective buyers for booking sales appointments) 

Certificates in LMS+ are even a source of motivation. With certification, you can make the employees feel that their efforts are appreciated. Moreover, certifications help employees keep track of their own progress. 

Toggle smartly between self-paced and push-based learning 

Most companies are confined to push-based learning that is not enough for continuous upskilling and reskilling in hybrid work culture.  

For maximizing the impact of learning and development, maintain a balance between self-paced and push-based learning. Rather than just forcing employees to learn something, give them the flexibility to choose what they want to learn. One of the leading retail firms witnessed improved in adoption rate by providing anytime content that the employees could access at their convenience time. 

“Data is power. We saw that the lot of adoption of the platform increased on the modules that people wanted to go. This helped us have employees on the platform. The secret ingredient for this success recipe is that when you introduce people to change, don’t only force them to do what you want them to do but also give them options. I think Netflix and Amazon are good examples. When you give the content the user wants, you will see the difference in adoption.” – quoted Priyanka Agrawal, Corporate functions and Retail learning, More Retail

Self-paced learning


Learning and development in a hybrid work model might seem challenging. However, with the right strategies and tools, you can effortlessly train your employees whether they are working from home or office. Disprz, a complete skilling suite, can help you in onboarding, upskilling and managing the entire employee lifecycle in a hybrid environment. Its features like gameinar, skill stack and skill architect can help you amplify the learning experience. Preview and experience this all-in-one learning solution in action.

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