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Learning professionals around the world are realizing that they must stay ahead of the learning curve. They understand that focusing on employee upskilling ensures they have a future-ready workforce to address any upcoming challenges. To do this, you must reinvent your L&D strategy and embrace advanced learning technology to combat skilling challenges. 

A little tweak in your learning and development strategy can boost your employees’ overall performance and growth. But if you are looking to truly upskill your workforce and drive business outcomes with your L&D programs, you must leverage an enterprise learning platform.

How to Resolve 4 Skilling Challenges with an Enterprise Learning Platform

As with any business initiative, you are going to face challenges when upskilling your employees. With that in mind, you must have a plan to combat these skilling challenges and ensure they are resolved efficiently. Employing an enterprise learning platform, like an LXP, is key.

Here are 4 skilling challenges that can be resolved with an LXP.

Skilling Challenge 1 – Promoting learning in the flow of work

Your employees are busy. Their days are full of meetings, project deadlines, and countless emails. It’s difficult for them to find time to prioritize upskilling when they have so many other responsibilities. Providing them with an opportunity to learn in the flow of work is essential for upskilling success. 


An LXP that has microlearning capabilities is an excellent way to ensure your employees can find time to learn during their work day. Microlearning facilitates the quick dissemination of knowledge through “bite-sized” content. Your employees can consume knowledge while at work and reinforce learning concepts instantly. 

Skilling Challenge 2 – Providing personalized learning for all employees

It might seem convenient to cast the net wide and train everyone together. However, in taking a one-size-fits-all approach to learning, you are neglecting the needs of individual roles. Each job role is distinct from the other, which is why role-based training is of paramount importance in the modern business world. It is important to determine the skills needed for each role to provide effective and personalized learning experiences

An enterprise learning platform enables you to  identify the skills needed for each role. With skill-based assessments, you can then determine individual skill gaps and create a skilling strategy for each employee that leads to career mobility and improved business outcomes. Once the individual skilling strategy is defined, the LXP uses AI to ensure every employee has access to the unique content and courses needed to develop necessary skills. 

Skilling Challenge 3 – Accessing a robust content repository on one platform

It’s very time consuming for your employees to toggle between various platforms to access the learning content. You must simplify their learning journey by streamlining content in a centralized repository. 

A learning experience platform enables employees to access a robust content library on one platform. This content is provided in various formats, allowing you to embrace and blended learning strategy and your employees to participate in self-paced learning.


Skilling Challenge 4 – Tracking real-time learning progress

You are investing time and resources in upskilling your employees. That investment must have a return for your program to be considered successful.  An enterprise learning platforms provides the tools needed to analyze your employee learning metrics and measure the effectiveness of your upskilling program.  

Most modern LXPs offer an analytics builder that provides vital learning insights that can be quickly convert data into actionable insights. The analytics builder allows you to track login frequency and completion ratio to find out if the employees are engaging with your learning materials. Using insightful metrics you can identify data gaps, improve upskilling effectiveness and build better learning strategies for the future.


The more your employee learns, the better they can perform and contribute to the growth of the company. The right enterprise learning platform will allow you to create interactive and impactful learning experiences for your frontline and knowledge workforce. Disprz, an all-in-one skilling suite helps you create effective learning journeys for your employees. See a preview to experience disprz in action. 

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