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4 min read
• 12 Feb 2024

Unlock Cost Savings: The Power of Skilling Technology

In today's fast-paced business environment, investing in employee learning and development (L&D)...
5 min read
• 24 Jan 2024

How to Craft a Winning L&D Strategy For Your Organization?

In the last decade, workplaces changed a lot because of intense competition, the digital...
5 min read
• 23 Jan 2024

How to Build a Business Case to Buy Skilling Technology

Making the decision to invest in a new skilling technology holds significant weight for any...
10 min read
• 24 Nov 2023

Discover How an AI-Powered LXP Enhances On-the-job Learning

In the past, employee training often resembled a one-size-fits-all approach. New hires and current...
5 min read
• 28 Aug 2023

LXP vs LMS: Which Learning Platform to Choose?

According to a recent research report; the global Learning Experience Platform (LXP) Market in...
4 min read
• 08 Feb 2023

5 Learning and Development Trends for 2023

Did you know that 88% of c-suite executives believe providing employees access to learning and...
2 min read
• 02 Feb 2023

Corporate Learning and Development – 4 Strategies to Boost Employee Interest

Did you know that businesses with high employee engagement have 21% higher profitability & 17%...
3 min read
• 24 Jan 2023

Innovate Employee Learning: 3 Strategies to Increase Learner Engagement Rates

Your L&D program’s success depends highly on learner engagement. In fact, 93% of employees state...

How To Choose The Right Learning and Development KPIs To Evaluate ROI

A study proved that a 12-month workforce training program prioritizing the right skills produced a
3 min read
• 27 Dec 2022

How Can Organizations Leverage Technology To Create The Right Skilled Workforce?

In today’s fast-paced, technology-driven world, having the right skilled workforce is crucial for...

How Insurance Industry Can Benefit From LXP

Insurance is a complex market, it is like playing roulette in Las Vegas you never know what might...
3 min read
• 27 Jul 2021

LXP Platform: Experience a Smarter Approach to Learning and Upskilling

The world of work is constantly evolving, and to keep up, you need to ensure your employees stay...

Discover how Disprz can align learning and upskilling with your desired business outcomes.

Discover how Disprz can align learning and upskilling with your desired business outcomes.