The world of work is constantly evolving, and to keep up, you need to ensure your employees stay on top of the latest trends and technologies. Upskilling and continuous learning are no longer just nice-to-haves; they’re critical for personal and professional growth. Enter LXP platforms – the next-generation learning technology that’s revolutionizing the way we learn and develop.

In this blog, we’ll explore what an LXP platform is, how it works, and why it’s becoming increasingly popular among organizations like yours. Get ready to discover a smarter approach to learning and upskilling for your employees.

The LXP Platform – An Innovative & Modern Approach to Employee Learning

Learning is no longer a one-time event in your employee’s career. To keep up with the ever-evolving business world, continuous learning and upskilling are crucial. But, traditional Learning Management Systems (LMS) often fall short in providing a personalized and engaging learning experience. That’s where a Learning Experience Platforms (LXP) come in.

LXP platforms give your employees control of their learning journey based on their interests and future career goals. Similar to the experience viewers receive from Netflix, LXPs make AI-based content recommendations to ensure your employees are on the right track to reach their goals.

Josh Bersin, the L&D industry analyst, and human resource expert says Learning Management System was actually designed to manage the process of learning it wasn’t designed to deliver learning. The presumption of the LMS was that the learning was going to be embedded in the piece of SCORM based content that somebody else built that would stick in the LMS and do its thing. So the LXP is developed;  It is a step towards an experience of a learner that was never designed to be in LMS” 

In contrast to the LMS, which places power in the hands of the administrator, the LXP platform puts learners at the helm of their own learning journey. With content curated and aggregated to provide personalized learning experiences, your employees have greater freedom to upskill in the areas that are most relevant to their career development. This empowers employees to take control of their professional development.

How an LXP Platform can solve learning challenges

As we’ve established, the LXP platform presents a fresh and dynamic approach to learning and upskilling. It also addresses various challenges that L&D professionals face when executing L&D programs for employees.

Challenge 1 – Lack of personalization  

The first challenge that the LXP platform addresses is the lack of personalization. You employees have a limited amount of time engage in learning. They are not going to be willing to spend that time on content that is not relevant to ahieving their goals. With an LXP, AI-powered recommendations create personalized learning pathways for employees based on their job roles, interests, and learning history. This facilitates continuous learning and boosts learner engagement.

Challenge 2 – Limited managerial involvement in the learning process

The second challenge is the limited involvement of managers in the learning process due. An LXP platform overcomes this challenge by allowing managers to access crucial learning analytics. Managers can track the learner’s progress, identify their strengths and skill gaps, and give feedback instantly. With LXP features, like performance-based coaching, managers can quickly address performance issues and assign courses to areas where learners need to upskill.

Challenge 3 – Absence of social learning 

The third challenge is the absence of social learning, which can result in low engagement levels. LXP platforms support social learning, which gives your employees the flexibility to upload and share content with their peers. Your employees can then learn from one another to develop their knowledge and skills and boost collaborative learning.

Challenge 4 – Absence of blended learning 

The fourth and final challenge is the inability to blend different learning formats, which limits learners’ flexibility. The LXP platform is a learner-centric solution that supports blended learning. It gives learners the freedom to blend various learning formats such as offline and online learning, classroom training, and self-paced learning. Blended learning is the best way to meet the ongoing needs of learners.


An LXP platform enbales you to deliver a robust learning experience. It focuses on role-based skills and aligns AI-driven, personalized learning with the employee’s role. The right LXP will have the functionalities you need to make learning relevant, interesting, and engaging for your workforce.

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