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E-commerce has suddenly captured a lot of attention. People who weren’t buying online earlier have been forced to make the shift due to the unexpected outbreak of COVID-19. The pandemic spurred shifts in buying behavior. E-commerce acceleration has fueled customer demands and expectations. Whether B2B or B2C, online businesses need to think and act quickly to sustain and flourish in this market. The frontline’s performance plays a crucial role here. Without proficient employees, you risk crippling your abilities to grow and succeed in this highly competitive industry. Therefore, most companies embrace modern technology like e-commerce LMS to provide career growth opportunities for improving frontline employee retention. 

Learning and development

E-commerce attrition surge: Logistics and delivery staff shortage 

No industry is immune from “The Great Resignation”. It entered like a plague and even infected the e-commerce industry. The logistics and delivery staff shortage speaks volumes about the attrition surge in this rapidly evolving market.

Frontline employees are headed in the direction where they find lucrative opportunities. You need to give your best employees good enough reasons to stay with you. Most e-commerce companies are using the strategy of salary hikes to retain logistic workers and delivery boys. However even that’s not enough to reduce attrition. Due to such hikes, pricey delivery boys have become a new challenge for the e-commerce industry. Most of the startups in the e-commerce space are not able to afford such delivery boys. 

The e-commerce sector reported the highest increment in salary at 12.5% and the highest voluntary attrition rate of 20.4%. 

With the increasing competition in the e-commerce market, it is challenging to find an efficient employee. 

For every six supply chain job openings, there was only one qualified candidate. 

It is important to move beyond salary hikes. Focus on intrinsic motivation like career advancement or growth through learning and development. Provide real-time training to improve the frontline employees’ skillset. With the help of an e-learning solution like LMS, you can focus on the overall development of your frontline employees. 

E-commerce LMS: Curb attrition with right skilling   

Employees strive for growth, appreciation and career advancements. Using the best LMS, you can provide all three and prevent your best talents from quitting the job. An LMS can fill the skill gap and help improve the productivity of your employees. 

Here is how you can leverage LMS to upskill your frontline employees and curb attrition:

Conduct regular compliance training and skill development

With LMS, you can easily offer compliance training to all your frontline employees, from warehouse workers to delivery executives. Timely compliance training can help keep your employees updated about the latest Government norms and changing policies.

When you keep employees updated with latest information, they are less prone to errors. Moreover, you can help the frontline expand their skillsets and improve their performance by creating a learning journey with the help of an LMS. You can even offer certification at the end of the training. When employee efforts are appreciated, they feel motivated to work with the same company. 

Train frontline on the go with mobile LMS 

The Frontline often works for long hours and they do not have enough time for lengthy in-person training. They have too much on their plate and so they aren’t able to invest proper time in learning. With mobile LMS, you can integrate learning into your frontline’s daily routine. 

You can easily provide training-in-the-flow of work for learning on the go. Your frontline employees can use their free time to enhance their knowledge and learn new things. 

Your employees can effortlessly access the learning material at the time of need with mobile LMS. 

89% of employees want training available anywhere and anytime they need to do their job.

Mobile learning helps fulfil this need and gives learners the flexibility to learn at their own pace. 

Monitor learning and provide continuous feedback 

You have put in efforts to create learning courses for your e-commerce frontline employees, but are they engaging with the courses? You can measure the effectiveness of your courses through analytics inside LMS and make real-time amendments to enhance your e-commerce learning programs. 

In-depth analytics inside LMS helps you dive deep into a learner’s behaviour. You can keep track of learners’ progress and provide timely feedback. You can nudge the employees when no action is taken on the courses to understand the area of concern. When an employer show’s interest in an employee’s growth, they tend to reciprocate by being loyal to the company 

Give frontline the flexibility to learn offline in their regional language

Most of the delivery executives in tier-2 and tier-3 cities might not have a strong bandwidth. Thankfully with e-commerce LMS, they won’t face any hindrance in learning and development. The frontline can easily download courses and learn offline at any hour of the day. 

Moreover, an advanced LMS of disprz even allows you to create courses in regional languages. So the warehouse worker, logistic personnel, delivery executives residing in tier 2 and tier 3 cities can learn in their local language. 

Keep frontline updated through micro-learning

Microlearning is a smart way of providing small bursts of knowledge to e-commerce frontline employees who often face time constraints.

 Whether you’ve added new products or changed any processes or dealers,  you can effortlessly update the frontline employees with bite-sized knowledge nuggets. A Microlearning module in an LMS is one of the best ways to deliver precise answers to problems or queries. It helps break the cycle of learning and forgetting. Employees can easily apply what they’ve learnt to their work and meet business expectations. 

Learning in small chunks makes the transfer of learning to office use 17% more efficient.

Identify triggers of employee dissatisfaction/disconnect and resolve through skilling.

Have a regular check-in with your frontline team to spot early indicators of dissatisfaction. Understand what’s hindering their growth path; this will help you create more effective skill development programs in an LMS. 

When you are designing an upskilling journey, make sure you communicate the value with the employees. Your frontline should be able to visualize the benefits of investing time in your learning programs. With the right skilling techniques and technology like LMS, you can unlock the full potential of your employees and give them more reasons to stay with you. 


The right enterprise LMS can boost employee satisfaction and decrease attrition. However, the LMS market is flooded with competition. So, analyse your needs and opt for a flexible LMS with extensive capabilities to effectively upskill and reskill the employees. disprz offers one such LMS that is cautiously designed to address modern skilling and development needs. It has rich features that help in smooth onboarding and regular upskilling of employees. Through its mobile LMS, employees can learn conveniently at their preferred time. Moreover, it offers a social platform like Buzz that helps in collaborative learning. See a preview to experience disprz in action.  

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