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With the digital disruption and changing business landscape, reskilling is no more a trend but a strategy to survive and sustain an organization’s growth. Both knowledge and frontline workers need to enhance their skills and capabilities to perform new responsibilities efficiently. Most businesses are facing the information technology skill gap. IBM’s insightful report – “Reskilling the workforce with technology-oriented training” sheds light on ways to address this skill gap through technology-oriented training.  

Here are a few takeaways from the report:

  1. Create pathways for employees with interest and cognitive ability for the training, instead of confining technology-oriented training to employees with preexisting technical knowledge. 
  2. Offer opportunities for community building so that employees can learn new techniques and share not only technical knowledge but also functional and contextual knowledge. 
  3. Provide reference resources that employees can use both during and post-training while experimenting and practising skills.
  4. Ensure employees are given adequate time to apply skills learned from training in their current and new roles.
  5. Ensure you have a plan to provide employees with skills refreshers and enhancers as not practised skills get decayed. 
  6. Incorporate feedback using learning assessment so that employees can easily apply the technical and functional knowledge taught during training to their day-to-day tasks . 


Learning new technical skills can get challenging without the right technology and resources. Using a complete skilling suite like Disprz, you can effortlessly upskill and reskill your employees to win in the digital-first world. Easily create personalised learning pathways and conduct assessments to give real-time feedback. Moreover, Disprz has a social platform like Buzz, where employees can collaborate and share information to learn from each other. Preview Disprz to experience it in action.

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