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We are beyond excited to announce that Disprz has secured Series C funding, raising $30 million from Lumos Capital Group, and 360 One (IIFL). Our existing investors, Kae Capital, KOIS, and Dallas Venture Capital, also participated in the round extending their continued support. We feel like we have assembled our own dream team of investors, and we can't wait to see the impact we create together!

With this round of funding, we are all set to expand our global reach and deepen our roots in emerging markets. We're excited to be working on the next wave of innovation, push the boundaries of skill-based talent management, and make another giant stride in our mission to “enable every person to advance at work and life, through the best technology-led, scientifically-backed skilling experiences”.

Expanding horizons

We are furthering our strong global footprint, serving customers across the world and creating an impact on a planet-scale level. With this round of funding, we will set up localised go-to-market and customer facing teams in countries like the US, the Philippines, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Indonesia, in addition to expanding our teams in India, UAE and Malaysia. These are the largest and fastest growing economies in the world and we want to create the most “localised in context, global in sophistication” experiences with our customers in these markets.

With a globally diverse investor mix, we are strategically positioned to expand our geographical footprint. Disprz is at the forefront of innovation in the learning and skilling space, ready to steer towards becoming India's first centaur (profitable $100 million company) in our platform category in the next 4-5 years.

Our new product roadmap

  • Generative AI and Large Language Model investments:
    We're taking the world of skill-based talent management to a whole new level. While it may be the talk of the town with every company claiming to have something on the back of ChatGPT, we are working on very different use-cases that will enable our users find the best content faster through deep and accurate search, save time through smart summarisation, author / repurpose content in engaging formats, administer learning conversationally, find personalised upskilling pathways to meet specific short-term and career goals, and many more exciting use-cases.

  • Advancing talent advancement:
    Based on the foundation we’ve built over the last 3 years, we are now ready to expand our product offerings beyond upskilling, ensuring a comprehensive talent advancement suite. The cornerstone of our approach is the "Disprz Atomic Skills Model," that presents the jobs and skills architecture that forms the basis for a skills-based organisation where every people-related decision from acquisition, performance management, advancement and mobility is rooted in skills. Our skills graph powered by generative AI is the perfect cocktail for several of these use-cases. 

  • Partnership with the broader ecosystem: Our mission will need us to partner with the broad ecosystem of other HR-tech companies like HCM platforms, content platforms, assessment platforms as well as the many consulting companies who work on digital and people transformation across the globe. The partnerships could take any shape from strategic solution co-selling to deep integrations to even acquisitions. We solve a key problem for business, and for our customers to experience the perfect people symphony, it takes every player in the people tech orchestra to play to a common metre.

Embracing a renewed identity

As we get bigger and better, we have revisited our visual brand identity to make it more modern and to reflect our ongoing transformation, but at the same time retaining
the essence of what we stand for - “dispersing knowledge, skills and business impact to a distributed / dispersed workforce”. We are proud that we were able to envision a distributed world even before terms like hybrid and remote work came to the fore. 

Our brand refresh is along multiple dimensions:

  • Our website has moved to to indicate our commitment to making our platform AI-first.
  • We have moved to a new brand colour of purple, which apart from lending a youthful look, also indicates consumerization of the enterprise.
  • We have moved to a new stylish font to render the word “disprz”, which is a perfect mix of robustness and flexibility, the feminine and the masculine, indicating our efficacy for all kinds of workforce - the frontline worker or the knowledge worker, the employee or the contractor, the permanent or the gig worker. 
  • The mnemonic is a representation of the dandelion - the perfect symbol of what we stand for - dispersing seeds of progress and growth everywhere. We have taken a fresh perspective on the dandelion, with every seed of the flower doubling up for people, also looking like wings that fuel their dreams, in the cycle of people's advancement and united by a common core of each company we serve. The two sizes of seeds indicate the diversity of clients, workforce and geographies we work with. 

We firmly believe in creating a global learning community where everyone, from knowledge workers to frontline employees, has equitable access to skill development opportunities. It's a journey filled with passion, innovation, and above all, a deep sense of purpose to make a positive impact on people's lives.

A big thank you!

Today, we count 350 customers and are nearing 3 million in terms of users served. We touch people’s lives every day in Emerging Asia, Europe and the US - the person who delivers your package at a global eCommerce giant, the person who serves the best tea / coffee at leading beverage chains, the person who sells your electronic goods or medicines at leading retail chains, the person who creates, services or sells banking or insurance products in the front office or back office or the person who builds great software or data models in a tech company, are all touched by Disprz. 

We feel humbled to be in a position to deliver impact for humanity and we assure of our best intellect and hard work, as we take the next step in our journey. Thank you for being part of this incredible journey with us. Your support and encouragement inspire us every day to be better, more innovative, and more impactful. Together, we'll shape the future of learning and skilling by combining the science of data with the art of skilling, and together, we'll make a difference in the world of work. Here’s to an uplifting ride together!

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