Disprz, a leading enterprise learning management system, was named as the finalist for the “Edtech startup of the year 2022” by Entrepreneur India Magazine for its outstanding contribution to transforming corporate training via mobile-led technology. Entrepreneur India recognises Disprz’s ability to enable employee development with technology and multitude of features presented in a simple yet rich user interface to simplify their learning experiences.

“For Disprz and its incredible team, this is a proud and joyful moment. In just seven years, our company and our vision have received enormous recognition for being chosen as a winner for the EdTech Startup Of The Year 2022 among thousands of submissions of other enterprise learning management systems. This encourages and motivates our team to work harder and strive towards excellence in learning technology.,” said Subramanian Viswanathan, the Co-Founder and CEO at Disprz.

Disprz wins in LMS Category

Disprz distinguishes itself from competitors with its simple, user-centric interface by acting as a one-stop shop for employers and employees learning & training needs. Disprz enables businesses to create learning journeys, online assessments, classroom sessions, and much more. The L&D team can create more engaging lessons, understand the needs of their employees better, and capture their attention in meaningful ways. Additionally, they can dig deeper into the learners’ journey and collaborate closely to improve the performance outcomes, thanks to a clear performance analytics dashboard.

Disprz has made it possible for businesses to provide learning at scale without being restricted to classrooms and also allows ‘blended learning‘, which aligns with the hybrid model of work. Users can learn and upskill anywhere, at any pace. Disprz has shown why it is an emerging leader in educational technology.

The Entrepreneur India Magazine Awards 2022, now in its 12th year, honors visionary business leaders who foresee and influence the future using advanced technology that has empowered these new-age hustlers to remake the world. From a bigger pool of innovative businesses from around the world, this year’s finalists and winners were selected and evaluated based on several factors, including viability, effectiveness and results, support, clarity, value, and potential.

About Disprz

Disprz, an enterprise learning management system, is the finest digital learning platform for businesses to increase the accessibility of online learning. For L&D teams, Disprz has transformed the online learning environment and made it easier for them to track each employee’s progress effectively. It enables L&D leaders to make their jobs and responsibilities easier, including assigning learning modules, assessing learners’ progress, and more.