If you are a regular to this blog space, you might have noticed that we have been publishing a series of blogs on producing quality video content. Earlier, we had discussed how to script videos, how to build engagement and track it, and how to choose application and tools suitable for video production. While reading these blogs, you might have wondered if there is a way you can see some great training videos. Nothing like being inspired by real life examples, isn’t it? There are exemplary training videos that demonstrate how each aspect we discussed are included in them and how additional efforts are taken to engage the viewer throughout.

In this blog, let us leave aside the How’s and Why’s of video creation, and rather watch live examples together to immerse ourselves in watching quality video content. Without much ado, here are some exciting examples of training videos from across the world:

Lifesaver by British Resuscitation Council (UK)


The British Resuscitation Council (UK) made this intense scenario-based interactive training film that teaches people how to save lives. Using real-life situations and a specified response time, this video immerses the audience by dropping into the crisis and nudge them to take big decisions that may decide whether a person lives or dies. The aim is to teach people essential life-saving skills in the most compelling and memorable way possible.


Workplace Bullying by ReachOut (Australia)

Australia’s leading online mental health organization, ReachOut made this animated training video to help people understand what it is that constitutes workplace bullying. Often, it can be tricky deciphering whether the bullies are going too far or if you, as a victim are just being over-sensitive. This video outlines how to recognize and resolve workplace bullying.

Handling High-Pressure Defense by Elite Guard

Online basketball training platform Elite Guard Training (EGT) created this real-world video with help from coach KP Potts. These and other similar videos by EGT have helped young people be better basketballers by giving access to real-life professional coaching.

The Right Words at the Right Time

With the motto of enabling leisure and hospitality staff with a clear checklist of customer service recovery tools and techniques, this video is a quick ready reckoner. This is a preview of the full-length version, but we can still see how it uses real-life scenarios to train the staff.

Microsoft Office Training Videos

Microsoft office tutorials have always been quick guides for us to learn how to use the applications. Be it Excel, Word, or PowerPoint, the tutorials keep the audience engaged with the help of simple animations, cheat sheets, infographics, etc. The best part about these videos is their laser sharp focus on the learning objective and simple straightforward rendering of the material.

Cable Tray Installation

Without any additional voice overs or characters, this 3D animation by Turkish manufacturer EAE Elektrik teaches how to install cable trays by taking the enormous complex structures involved in the process and a step-by-step guide for the procedure.

Dumb Ways to Die


This might not be considered as the traditional training video, but who said training videos can’t be game-based or interactive? As reported by The Age, Metro’s quirky Dumb Ways to Die campaign cut the number of “near-miss” accidents by more than 30 per cent just within three months of its release. This means easily this is one of the most successful videos, so would be worth the watch!

Remember the Point of a Good Training Video

The point of a training video is to teach your audience something new in a way that will stay with them, whether that’s a skill, method or a concept. It is not easy, but still simple to create a video that is focused, plays well and keep the audience engaged. You just need to understand what your learners want, know what you want the video to achieve, do a bit of research, study the trends, and finally draft the script. Remember a good script is the soul of a video. The best training videos have the best content in them.