Are you fed up seeing graphs displaying poor employee performance? 

Well, the obsolete learning and development strategies will give the same old disappointing results. And it is difficult to win in the digital-first world without a skilled workforce. To stay ahead of the curve you need to reinvent your employee skilling strategy and embrace advanced learning solutions. 

Companies whether large or small are displaying interest in their employee growth and upskilling to prepare them for the future of work

Even Amazon, the biggest name in the eCommerce world is focused on strengthening its workforce. It is planning to invest over $700 million to provide upskilling training programs.

A little tweak in your learning and development strategy can help boost your employees’ overall performance and growth. Moreover, by embedding an enterprise learning solution into your L&D strategy you can solve critical skilling problems. 

Enterprise Learning Platform – An answer to all your skilling problems 

Enterprise Learning Solution

An enterprise learning platform can be your helping hand to boost learning and deliver business impact. 

Here are the skilling problems that an enterprise learning solution solves. 

Problem 1 – Time-consuming training procedures/skilling effort separate from work 

Solution –  Have you ever read news on In-shorts?  All the vital news from across the world is packed in a crisp and concise manner so that you can stay up to date with current events without reading long news pieces. 

How about applying the same strategy to learning so your frontline and knowledge workers could instantly access and digest knowledge nuggets on-the-go. 

Microlearning in enterprise learning solutions facilitates the quick dissemination of knowledge through bite-sized content. Your employees can consume knowledge while at work and reinforce learning concepts instantly. One of our clients, a leading pharmacy retail chain chose a micro-learning path to upskill their employees. Their frontline workforce could quickly learn how to stock up medicines, prescribe the right drugs, etc. through bite-sized lessons and flashcards. 

Problem 2 – One size fits all approach instead of focusing on each role 

Solution – It might seem convenient to cast the net wide and train everyone together but in that case, you end up neglecting the needs of individual roles. Each job role is distinct from the other, which is why role-based training is of paramount importance in the modern business world. It is important to determine the skills needed for each role to provide effective learning experiences. 

An enterprise learning platform helps you identify the skills needed for each role. Disprz allows you to define and benchmark role-based leadership, functional digital & meta-skills across 40 industries and 2000+ job roles. For instance, you are a customer success manager, so you can explore various skills mapped around functional, digital tools, leadership skills, and mindsets that will help you be the best at what you do. You can dive deep into each skill and find out what needs to be done to bring the skill into action.  

Problem 3 – Learning material spread across various platform

Solution – Wouldn’t it be time-consuming for your employees to toggle between various platforms to access the learning material? You can make their life easier by streamlining all the learning material in a centralized repository with an enterprise learning platform. Whenever your employees get stuck at any point while working they can instantly get their queries resolved on a single platform.  

Moreover, most of the advanced learning solutions support various learning formats like classrooms, live sessions, videos, blogs, etc, which can give blended learning flexibility to your employees. For instance, your SEO executive got bored reading the tips on effective inbound SEO, he can instantly switch to a video then take a quick quiz.

An enterprise learning solution also integrates with various third-party apps like a CRM or an ERP. Therefore all the data is synced. For instance, a sales rep makes 15 calls a day so that data can be fetched from a CRM into a learning solution and the manager can give a score to the employee. Based on the scoring, he can even assign new learning materials to improve the employee’s performance. 

Problem 4 – Failure in tracking deep learning analytics 

Solution – You have been investing time and effort in developing learning material for your employees. But do your employees absorb the knowledge shared by you? A learning solution helps you in analyzing the learning and usage patterns of your employee.  

Most of the modern learning solutions offer an analytics builder that provides vital learning insights. You can quickly convert data into actionable insights. The analytic builder allows you to track login frequency and completion ratio to find out if the employees are engaging with your learning materials. Using insightful metrics you can identify loopholes, improve courses and build better learning strategies for the future.

Problem 5 – Poor learning rate due to unavailability of content in regional languages

Solution – Most of the frontline workers operate from different regions and speak different languages. If the course isn’t in the language that they understand then they might not show interest. Through a learning solution that supports various languages, this issue can be resolved. 

One of our eCommerce clients at Disprz faced a similar issue. Their delivery associates were spread across India and they spoke 9 different languages. With a multilingual learning solution, they could provide learning and periodic assessments in multiple languages. By providing learning in regional languages, they improved the learning rate and productivity of their distributed workforce. 


The more your employee learns, the better they can perform and contribute to the growth of the company. So the right learning solution to create interactive and impactful learning experiences for your frontline and knowledge workforce. Disprz, an all-in-one Skilling suite can help you create effective learning journeys for your employees. See a preview to experience Disprz in action.