The industry is dealing with a flood of new technology. Both knowledge and frontline workers need to skill up and monitor their performance as technological breakthroughs such as automation take hold in all sectors. This is where upskilling comes into play.

Business leaders feel that reskilling and up-skilling should be incorporated into workforce development models to assist employees in adapting to changing business conditions with agility. Organisations must invest in IT skills across the board to have a tech-savvy workforce capable of embracing digital change.

Client Profile

Jumbo Electronics, founded in 1974, is the UAE’s top distributor and reseller of IT and consumer electronics. Jumbo is a powerful player in the market with its massive network of retail outlets and service facilities distributed across Oman, Qatar, Bahrain, and Kuwait.

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“To keep up with our growing distribution and retail presence, Dipsrz helped us digitalise the learning ecosystem for entire workforce skilling and reskilling.” – Shishir Jha, CHRO, Jumbo Group

Challenge: Digital transformation of learning systems for workforce development and competitive advantage

Offering a complete range of leading brands, Jumbo is a leading distributor and retailer for IT & consumer electronics – from mobiles and networking & smart devices to wearables and office automation.

Their workforce is a mix of knowledge & frontline workers running the operation smoothly across several stores. They needed to digitalise the entire L&D ecosystem to streamline their skilling efforts for workforce development.

They needed a learning management system to expand skilling and digitise the entire process. It starts with a comprehensive examination of how a business operates and allows employees at all levels to embrace change. In today’s competitive environment, going digital is the only way to get ahead!

Jumbo wanted to train the entire workforce on various functionalities across multiple departments to assess, recognise, and develop invaluable skills in the firm. They aimed to adopt a mindset that would enable change in management’s core competencies to make the organisation more agile and customer-centric.


Solution: Leveraging a learning management system to digitalise workforce development

Like conducting a functionality checklist when purchasing an electronic product, the Disprz learning management system checked all the boxes for Jumbo’s strategic skilling requirement.

Disprz provided an all-encompassing, feature-rich platform to automate necessary training, employee development, and enablement in one place. It facilitated the creation, management, and distribution of courses and other materials for critical information on a learner’s journey and performance.


It offers modern, multi-faceted mobile learning that enables you to create a learning culture for the entire workforce with access to a wide range of curated content from around the world, both free and paid.

The business adopted the Disprz learning solution to benefit from flexible reporting and analytics to identify specific issues to fix. The customisable reports and visual representations of user data assist L&D professionals in developing better training programs.


Outcome: Get ahead of the pack with digital approach to corporate learning

“Thanks to Disprz LMS, we now have limitless opportunities for innovation, operational efficiency, and competitive advantage. It enables businesses to provide for the workforce’s immediate needs and gear up their workforce for the future,” said Shishir Jha, CHRO, Jumbo Group.

It facilitates consolidating information and data on a single dashboard to serve as a central repository for business intelligence to track workforce development. It encompasses every company facet and can boost performance and innovation across all departments, from sales and marketing to finance.

The right tools provided by Disprz LMS enable the creation of an efficient workflow to increase employee productivity. Automating many manual tasks and integrating data across the entire organisation is part of the reason why this platform helps Jumbo Electronic’s teams to work more constructively.

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