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The entire Disprz team will treasure this magnificent experience of hosting a celebration of grandiosity and excitement on the evening of June 9th in Malaysia. We celebrated our four years of business growth in Malaysia by organizing a gathering of our revered customers, partners, & well-wishers at the Le Meridien in Kuala Lumpur

The clients & partners alike have shown immense support in every stage of our journey & this event holds testimony to their significant contribution to our business growth story. The crucial stakeholders, like Learning and Development (L&D) heads, senior managers, and top executives from leading brands like Petronas, Axiata Group Berhad, Hong Leong Bank, Duopharma Biotech Berhad, Malaysian Institute of Management, and others graced the evening with their presence. 

This evening of corporate networking & customer interaction was a tremendous success. Several industry captains attended the event and shared their experiences on how Disprz helped them conduct organization-wide skilling & boost continuous learning culture by enlarging their long-term association with Disprz.

The celebration was scheduled to begin at 5 PM Malaysia time when we started welcoming guests to the venue. The event was supposed to have a brief speaking session followed by dinner, networking, & a window for clicking pictures with our customers & partners.

The speaking session kicked off at 6 PM. Yvonne Ho, Country Head-Malaysia, Disprz, opened the floor by sending a ‘Thank You’ note to all the dignitaries who joined us in this gala celebration.

Following Yvonne’s cordial welcome speech for all the guests, we had the opportunity to hear from Subramanian (Subbu) Viswanathan – Co-Founder and CEO, Disprz.

Subbu is passionate about turning concepts into working products and turning those products into successful ventures. He has experience triumphantly running two companies in the enterprise and ed-tech space. Subbu stumbled upon the idea of learning and development for corporate employees while working on a learning solution for students. He moved forward with this notion and began on his journey to create a well-known company, Disprz, a globally known brand assisting several companies worldwide to achieve skilling at scale within their organization. 

Employees today need to gain new skills to adapt to ever-growing technological advancements at work & worldwide. Companies also want to create a continuous learning culture. Disprz’s solutions with gamification and social learning features help boost engagement levels at work and achieve these objectives.” Subbu Viswanathan, Co-Founder and CEO, Disprz

Following Subbu’s keynote speech, we had the privilege to hear from Asif Yusoff from Petronas, Kamal Nawawi from Axiata Foundation, and Sivanganam Rajanetnan from Malaysia Institute of Management.

Below are a few highlights of what they said:

“Disprz platform helps Axiata deliver role-based learning for all these business functions to 9000 employees across six countries. The platform helps the directors, HRs & CPOs extract data on how many people completed the modules, and other learning KPIs.” – Kamal Nawawi, Head, Axiata FastForward

“We find the Disprz learning management system (LMS) exciting. Its easy-to-use LMS visual presentation and capabilities help our learning facilitators be equipped with an incredible engagement tool & AI-based content. The learners and trainers have one-stop ease of accessing training material for the learning journey in the MIM, digitally.” – Sivanganam Rajanetnan, CEO, Malaysia Institute of Management

“Disprz helps us make the learning experience engaging and seamless. It is a significant aspect as we want it to be customer-centric. So the platform is intuitive and relevant to the participant with the customized content. Moreover, Disprz brings its expertise to the table from the behavioural science perspective to understand what excites the learners. Shifting the mindset from completion to actual behaviour change to an extended business result is essential.” – Asif Yusoff, Head – Leadership & Competency Solutions, Petronas

Did you know that 9 out of 10 Malaysian employees require reskilling and upskilling to thrive in digital-first companies? Businesses can’t depend on a single strategy for hiring and developing talents to ensure skill reserve. Expanding the skills of the existing workforce by focusing on an employee-centric learning experience is essential for business growth. Organizations need to adopt an advanced skilling platform to assist the internal development of their teams and make them future-ready.

“Companies can’t solve the skilling challenge with first & second generation learning platforms, providing mandatory learning & unintegrated training. We strive to assist our customers in adopting the third generation of skilling platforms, offering personalized & role-based learning aligned with measurable employee performance & data-driven metrics to make L&D decisions.” – Vineet Koka, VP & Business Head – SEA, Disprz, echoed the Disprz Co-Founder Subbu Viswanathan

Disprz has gained a substantial market share in the skilling & learning domain and currently caters to the learning needs of over 1.7 million users in 250+ organizations across 135+ countries. These companies are benefiting from the capabilities of the Disprz Learning Experience Platform (LXP) & Frontline Enablement (FLE) solutions to foster their overall business growth. The LXP skilling platform enables knowledge workers’ personalized learning and career development skills. In contrast, the FLE caters to the learning needs of a distributed workforce.

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