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Maximizing Learning ROI for Business Success in 2024

Maximizing Learning ROI for Business Success in 2024

Event Speakers

Subbu Viswanathan
Co-Founder and CEO -Disprz
Samer Touma
Samer Touma
VP People Experience and Culture
Suhrid Chaudhuri
Executive Vice President - Organisational Development and Talent
Aysha Sulaiman
Group Director of Human Resources Development

Join our exclusive webcast and explore insights on:

Part-A: Moving beyond the traditional learning experience

  • Know why the traditional L&D methods are failing to meet the needs of the modern workplace and what L&D leaders can do
  • Develop an understanding of the key elements to rethinking the learning experience designed for employees across roles and levels

Part-B: Leveraging AI to maximize the learning outcomes

  • Gain familiarity with how AI-powered skilling software can personalize learning experiences to address individual skill gaps, scale your L&D efforts to reach a large workforce efficiently, and align individual development with broader business goals.
  • Gain practical strategies for building a compelling case for investing in learning technology

Part-C: Budgeting, measuring and proving the ROI of learning

  • Gain knowledge on aligning learning initiatives with organizational goals and measure tangible outcomes
  • Get insights into key cost categories to consider when planning your budget.
  • Discover how to allocate resources strategically, maximize impact, and drive sustainable growth within your organization