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disprz b2b review
2 min read
• 06 Jun 2024

Disprz Earns Learning Management Systems Recognition from Top B2B Review Site

FinancesOnline Recognized Disprz LMS Disprz proudly received an acclaimed industry award for its...
AI-based learning management system 2024
6 min read
• 05 Jun 2024

AI-based Learning Management System 2024 - Complete Guide

What is an AI-based LMS platform? An artificial intelligence (AI) based eLearning platform...
Best Learning Management Software 2024
4 min read
• 30 May 2024

Top 10 Best Learning Management Software in 2024

A Learning Management System (LMS) is a software application or web-based platform used for...
best SaaS LMS platform in 2024
3 min read
• 29 May 2024

How to choose the Best SaaS LMS Platform in 2024

A SaaS LMS (Software-as-a-Service Learning Management System) is a cloud-based platform accessed...
lms for healthcare - benefits & use-cases
4 min read
• 29 May 2024

LMS for Healthcare: Types, Benefits, Use-cases Ultimate Guide

Industries like SaaS and the gig economy are well-known for leveraging learning management systems...
All about Enterprise LMS Software 2024
LMS Learning Management Solution
6 min read
• 23 Apr 2024

Ultimate Guide for Enterprise Learning Management in 2024

Learning and Development (L&D) leaders confront a multifaceted challenge at the...
Crucial Metrics to Gauge L&D Impact
LMS for onboarding Onboarding LMS
8 min read
• 04 Apr 2024

Benchmarking Success: Crucial Metrics to Gauge L&D Impact

The business sector has evolved over the years with different integral functions. But, one of the...
4 min read
• 18 Mar 2024

Top 3 Reasons to Upgrade Your Legacy LMS in 2024

In the dynamic landscape of learning and development (L&D), staying ahead of the curve is...
craft a powerful business case for investment
LMS LXP business case
5 min read
• 23 Jan 2024

How to Build a Business Case to Buy Skilling Technology

Making the decision to invest in a new skilling technology holds significant weight for any...
enhanced employee productivity
LMS for onboarding Onboarding LMS
6 min read
• 14 Dec 2023

Employee Productivity: Strategies to Enhance it for Business Excellence

Consider a scenario in which a promising tech startup is navigating its way through the competitive...
Enhances On-the-job Learning
LMS on the job learning On-the-job training LXP
10 min read
• 24 Nov 2023

Discover How an AI-Powered LXP Enhances On-the-job Learning

In the past, employee training often resembled a one-size-fits-all approach. New hires and current...
 Simplify the Employee Onboarding Process
LMS for onboarding Onboarding LMS
5 min read
• 02 Nov 2023

How to Simplify the Employee Onboarding Process

Imagine the initial experience of a new employee entering your organization. They eagerly open...
Everything about Learning Management System
LMS Learning Management Solution
9 min read
• 17 Oct 2023

Learning Management Systems (LMS): What Is It and How It Can Boost Your Business

The global Learning Management System (LMS) market exhibited remarkable growth, surging from a...
Choose the Best Platform - LMS Vs LXP
Learning Platform LMS LXP
5 min read
• 28 Aug 2023

LXP vs LMS: Which Learning Platform to Choose?

According to a recent research report; the global Learning Experience Platform (LXP) Market in...
HDFC Life has chosen disprz’s end-to-end learning
Learning Strategies Learning Platform enterprise learning management Skilling Platform mobile learning facilities LMS learning content upskilling
1 min read
• 29 Apr 2022

HDFC life catapults it’s growth with disprz skilling platform

HDFC Life has chosen disprz’s end-to-end learning & skilling platform to power their workforce for...
LMS Learning Management Solution
4 min read
• 10 Mar 2022

5 LMS misconceptions you shouldn’t fall for

With the rise of hybrid work, LMS has steadily grown in popularity, especially post covid. An LMS...
 questions to ask an LMS vendor
Learning Platform LMS startup
4 min read
• 05 Jan 2022

Ten Questions a Startup Must Ask the LMS Vendor

Investing in new technology can be a daunting experience for any company. With hundreds of LMS...
Learning Platform LMS startup
3 min read
• 05 Jan 2022

Eight Questions a Startup Must Ask the LMS Vendor

Investing capital in any new technology can be a daunting experience for a start-up. With hundreds...

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